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Every app starts with an idea, but the truly great apps begin with a remarkable idea. When you sit down to create a new app, it’s unlikely that you’ll hit upon an idea that isn’t already available from an App Store. Most likely, you’ll find hundreds of apps, all executing the same idea. Out of all of these similar apps, what makes a few rise to the top of the download charts? What separates the low-ratings from the high-ratings?

If you download them all of these apps and test them out, you’ll see a strong thread start to appear: The top-selling apps have fantastic user experience (UX). The best apps do more than accomplish their goals; they transport users into a preternatural state of clairvoyance, where each tap is intuitive and never requires second guessing.

UX is about the layout of every element, taking the time to make sure that every button on a screen is placed exactly where it should be, allowing the user’s muscle memory to naturally figure out how to proceed throughout the software’s flow. Great UX also includes a serious dosage of strong information architecture, guaranteeing that users won’t end up in a dead-end or frustrated because they’re forced to interact with the same data in a multitude of different ways.

UX is about your users having fun.Whether your app showcases all of the Google Analytics data for a website or shows hungry patrons where the nearest sushi restaurant is, the best UX creates a transcendental relationship between the user and the software. It forms an addictive bond so powerful that users keep coming back time and again.

Key Takeaways

Learn the elements of user experience design :

- Visual design . It is the aesthetics or look-and-feel of the front end of any user interface and to use visual elements like colors, images, and symbols to convey a message to its audience.

- Information architecture .It is the art and science of structuring and organizing the information in products and services, supporting usability and findability.

- Interaction design . Building great user experience requires interaction design to play a pivotal role in helping define what works best for the users

- Usability. It is the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness and efficiency.

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Who Should Attend

CEO/COO/CTOs, Product Managers, Marketers, customer support, conversion specialists, UI Designers, UX team, founders, business owners and people who have been or will be involved in the development of websites and apps.

Pre - Requisite & Planning

  • Each participant should bring own pen , pencil , markers & drawing tools.
  • Each participant should also bring their own index cards and post-it notes ( in different colours)



9.30 am


10.00 am

Workshop Begins

12.00 pm


1.00 pm

Group Exercises

3.00 pm

Tea Break

3.30 pm

Group Exercises 2

6.00 pm

Workshop Ends

About the Speaker

Mariya is the founder and creative director of Xanadu, a mobile design and strategy consultancy based in San Francisco. She advises up-and-coming startups and multi-national corporations alike on how to ideate, prototype, launch, and iterate on successful multi-platform experiences. She’s been featured by VentureBeat as a top innovator in mobile and regularly contributes articles on mobile design and trends.

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Sat Jan 31, 2015
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM MYT
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Block 3730, Persiaran Apec, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor Malaysia
Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre

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