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Mobile is far more expensive to design, develop, and test for than regular web products, so developing the right UX and product strategy early on can easily make or break a company. Traditional UX research methods such as in-office interviews and wireframe prototypes often fail for mobile because mobile-specific features like context, personalisation, and location sensitivity are so important to success with users.

Ever wondered how can app developers, particularly those working in a cross-platform environment, quickly test and validate new features and processes?

Moving quickly across multiple platforms is tough because development and testing are both so much slower and more bug-prone than on desktop or a single platform. Generally speaking, developers should focus on nailing the product experience on a single platform first before becoming too ambitious on the cross-platform front, but occasionally you come across apps whose value comes from being ubiquitous.

Regardless of what app or feature you want to test, you should decide effective ways to test your assumptions and pre-determine what your metrics of success should be in order for you to make a go or no-go decision to build. Much of this is the same whether you are building for mobile or web, though on mobile there are some specific tactics and tools you can use to prototype aspects of your new products or features quickly .

This talk takes "lean startup" methods one step further and covers mobile-specific tactics for gauging product demand and engagement early on in the product development lifecycle. The case studies will cover both successful and unsuccessful prototyping examples and will particularly benefit design and product leaders responsible for the success of a mobile product in their organisation.

Key Takeaways

- Principles about what a prototype is and what makes a prototype effective

- Focuses on identifying success (and failure) factors you can use to guide design and prototyping decision- making for mobile.

- Analyse lean iteration to develop apps: Strategy (what should I focus on, according to the kind of app?) and Tactics (dvice to guide your prototype's implementation).

Who Should Attend

CEO/COO/CTOs, Product Managers, Marketers, customer support, conversion specialists, UI Designers, UX team, founders, business owners and people who have been or will be involved in the development of websites and apps.

About the Speaker

Mariya is the founder and creative director of Xanadu, a mobile design and strategy consultancy based in San Francisco. She advises up-and-coming startups and multi-national corporations alike on how to ideate, prototype, launch, and iterate on successful multi-platform experiences. She’s been featured by VentureBeat as a top innovator in mobile and regularly contributes articles on mobile design and trends.

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Fri Jan 30, 2015
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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Block 3730 Persiaran APEC, 63000 Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Malaysia
Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre

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