Shiatsu and 5 element theory by Master Shinzo

Wood/ Fire/ Water. Knowing your nature!

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For bodyworkers or non-professionals

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Understand your nature and your partner!

all classes from 10:30 to 6:30

2/6-7(Fri,Sat) Wood element – headache, shoulder tension, ADHD, hypertension, PMS

2/13-14(Fri,Sat) Fire element – insomnia, burn out, anxiety, chest pain, and intimacy

2/20/21 (Fri,Sat) Water element – back care, sexual issues including pregnancy, arthritis, paranoia

NCBTMB approved CEU’s — 48 for all 3 elements

Course Description

Mother Nature knows not only how to heal herself but also is continuously creating the future. Our bodies and minds are also the same as Mother nature – we are all capable of healing ourselves and also creating our future with clear intentions and vision. I believe one of the major keys for self healing is to understand our own unique nature, especially our true essence, who we really are based on the 5 element theory. Once you understand your essence, you are naturally cultivating and nurturing yourself with love and compassion daily.

In these courses, you will be introduced to the basic philosophy of oriental healing for each of the different elements. We will be utilizing a (both self-care and family care) Shiatsu method on tables and/or on the floor. My unique Shiatsu method is based on a combination of Shiatsu, Yoga and QiGong with the intention of creating harmony between heaven and earth, using most importantly, the 5 element theory as our foundation. Once element energy channels are opened to the power of nature the body and mind can not only heal itself, but also overcome specific challenges resulting in the creation of a positive future. This class will be the first step to understanding and recognizing your own unique nature. You will be introduced to the concepts of the Five Element theory, each element specific and learn how to open each elements essence with Shiatsu.

Course objectives

☑️ Learn the concept of Oriental healing and the principles of Shiatsu and gentle daily Yoga.
☑️ Learn the basics of Yin and Yang theory relating to each specific element
☑️ Identify the basic flow of specific meridians including 2 extraordinary meridians.
☑️ Identify and locate key acupressure points on the meridians relating to specific elements.
☑️ Identify and describe each specific Element.
☑️ Identify and palpate points and understand and describe their benefits.
☑️ Practice Shiatsu Yoga for both self-care and partner exercises (table or floor work)
☑️ Understand how daily care affects the elements; include diet and way of life.


Wood element

Negative side challenge – headache, shoulder tension, ADHD, prostate, eye problems, anger problems, PMS
Positive side – cultivates flexibility for both body and mind, clear vision for your future


Fire element

Negative side challenge – insomnia, anxiety, chest pain, fear of intimacy, manic behavior
Positive side – spark of passion and desire, Joy for life, peace of mind, cultivate intimacy

Water element

Negative side challenge – backache, sexual dysfunction include infertility and impotency, menopause, fear
Positive side – open creativity, strong willed, faith in life



$350 for each element


$900 for all 6 days

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$320 for each element
$850 for all 6 days

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About Shinzo


Please visit YESSHINZO.com for more info.

Shinzo Fujimaki is one of the most respected and sought after shiatsu masters in the world today, not only for his deep knowledge of this ancient art, but also for his intuitive ability as a healer. Through decades of clinical practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shinzo developed the modern modalities of Shiatsu Yoga™ Clinical Ai Chi, E.A.S.Y.™, and Fire & Water which he teaches to professionals at the top wellness centers and fitness spas in Europe and North America. As a nationally certified continuing education provider, wherever he teaches, there is also great demand for his lectures on The 5 Elements and how individuals can channel energy to increase vitality.

In addition to being a teacher, author and innovator, Shinzo has had regular clinical practice in Maui, Hawaii, Santa Cruz, California and currently maintains practice in Naples, Florida. It was after dozens of years of applied healing that Shinzo began conceptualizing the fusion of Shiatsu and Yoga based in the Chinese philosophy of the 5 elements. He developed the practice of Shiatsu Yoga™ to enable individuals to activate key acupressure points while moving through specific postures in a meditative manner.

When it comes to the art and science of shiatsu, Shinzo is quite simply a guru among gurus. He is the number one instructor at Harbin Hot Springs School of Shiatsu and Massage in Northern California, and for several weeks each year he teaches professional master classes at Lavey Les Bains in Switzerland. Early in his career, Shinzo studied closely with his lifelong friend Jun Konno, the inventor of Ai Chi. This experience led him to create a practical form which he calls Clinical Ai Chi.

In the early 1990s, Shinzo’s unique abilities were tapped by Harold Dull in the development of Watsu™, an aquatic-based practice of Shiatsu massage. Later, Shinzo invited his dear friend Minakshi, the grand dame of Watsu, to experiment with Shiatsu Yoga techniques in the water and help him develop a new application which they deemed Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga™ or E.A.S.Y. It is because of the extra therapeutic benefits of working in a warm pool that E.A.S.Y. is quickly becoming a staple at physical rehabilitation and therapy centers as well as fitness resorts around the world. That is why Shinzo spends much of the year training professionals in this new, popular practice.

Born in the Olympic city of Nagano, Japan, Shinzo showed an early aptitude for the healing arts. He was an avid student of acupressure massage and the meditative art of Japanese calligraphy, for which he won many awards. After achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Kanagawa University, Shinzo immigrated to the United States to pursue additional education. While enrolled in college in California (where he achieved an additional Bachelors degree in Business), Shinzo gravitated to the top massage therapy schools in the nation. He also mastered the martial arts, achieving a black belt in Aikido, and he began a journey as a marathon runnner, yet another physical discipline in which he became quite accomplished having finished more than a dozen races. From 1981 to 2005, Shinzo achieved mastery in Shiatsu Massage, Cranio-Sacral Massage, and Macrobiotics as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine and the philosophy of the 5 Elements.

Feb 6 - Feb 21, 2015
[ Fri ] - [ Sat ]
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM HST
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