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for Mac mini download NotePlan 1.6.30


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https://bit.ly/2WTdXCg NotePlan_1.6.30.zip

Back in the Calendar, the bullet items will show up as orange dots. Green dots indicate completed list items. And normal text items are in grey. If you have scheduled to-dos, it will show up as blue dots. Scripting The current day can be viewed and switched through the arrows in the top centre or by clicking on the date label. Alternatively use ⌘← or ⌘→. General option to manually create a link to a standalone note, beside a date tag (@2016-10-15 would link to the daily note of the 15th Oct. and for example [[Introduction Note]] would point to a standalone note. Create the note, if it doesn’t exist). If not all bullets were marked as either done, scheduled or cancelled, the calendar will show you how many bullets are open as reminder (only days in the past). So you don’t miss points. - Emacs - ... The syntax is very well thought out as well. Specification here:
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for OS X https://macpkg.icu/?id=58077&kw=1nv00-v.1.6.25-noteplan.pkg [21008 KB]
10.12 https://macpkg.icu/?id=58077&kw=3h42s.noteplan.vers.1.6.34.dmg [23748 KB]

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The great thing with org is that you can as much or as little of it as you want. One can even use it as a simple TODO list in a single file without using any of the power features. And then one can gradually expand this by using more features if needed. But org can be used efficiently as a very simple, barebone tool if one prefers that. This is a dream of mine too. I love the editing gestures in Nebo, such a quick way to write notes, and am always on the lookout for handwriting to text options. Simply open GeekTool and select the Tasks module. In the Properties window, select the ... next to Command. Underneath the Changelog you'll find the custom options. Set excludedCals value to the name or names of the calendars you wish to hide. Separate each calendar with a comma (,) and no space. For anyone who happens to come see this post from the future: FreeCAD does have an OpenSCAD interface, and Gephi (I think) has some kind of Graphviz import/export feature. Learning org-mode plus enough emacs to use it is vastly more difficult than learning OneNote, and the macOS and iOS versions of OneNote are also quite good (it's not at all Windows-only). You may also export to various other formats and it's not text only; sometimes notes aren't only text but include images or handwriting (which can be OCRed and searched). Download: Prey ($10, free and premium subscriptions available) The NotePlan utility integrates a calendar, a note taking area, and the possibility to format everything by using the popular Markdown markup. • Simple text-formatting with markdown, such as bold, italic, lists, titles, etc.

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for Mac mini download NotePlan 1.6.30
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