KICKSTART feat. Imran Ali

Serial Entrepreneur, Power-Packed Marketer, Author & Founder of "The World's Easiest Entrepreneurship System"
Ok, before you can say “Eh Mav, no more Malaysians to feature at KICKSTART until have to put 3 (THREE) Singaporeans back-to-back-to-back”, let me tell you a bit about my buddy Imran Md Ali here.

I first met him last year at a workshop where he was sharing some epic marketing tips, and I made a decision there and then to stalk him. I mean, being a skeptical kiasu Malaysian, I was like “Sure this young chico Singaporean can do so much or not...?” and let me tell you, I’ve been proven wrong (not the first 1000th time) again. Checks out this guy is the real deal!

Now, the young Imran is not exactly the technopreneur you would expect, but if you look at his businesses (and bloody hell this guy got a few), they are mostly brick and mortar 2.0. Using his brilliant social marketing skills, hustling and smart resource management, I would say Imran is a gem among the I-want-to-start-a-facebook-killing-app generation.

So to kickstart your 2015 (yes pun intended ;) ), we figured featuring someone that can share practical skills we can use in all our businesses (tech or non-tech) is a good way to go. Aside from him treasure chest of ingenious marketing tips, I think we’ll also be digging some secrets to his "The World's Easiest Entrepreneurship System”, coz hey, as much kiasu I am, I’m pretty lazy too!

Best part is, one of our co-founders of KICKSTART, Dave Rogers will be co-hosting the show with me. Winner of Singapore's Spirit of Entreprise and one of Asia's Leading Business Coaches, Dave was one of the first coach/mentor I had since over a decade ago (holy shit I’m old) and frankly, he was the catalyst of the KICKSTART movement!

So, while you can procrastinate on your new year resolutions, don’t dilly-dally-doodle-over-your-poodle and grab your tickets here now! As you know, we always have a full house, so I apologise upfront if you gotta stand or sit on someone’s lap.
Thu Jan 22, 2015
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM MYT
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