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We Jungle x The Mill are organising a weekend of workshops on different forms of body expression and mind awareness. From Acroyoga to Bellydance and Expresso, a new form of body expression that blends Contact Impro Dance and Capoeira, this series of classes intends to develop trust in ourselves and in other people and to encourage connection and playfulness. All proceeds will go to fund bB projects with homeless communities in South and Southeast Asia.

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Saturday 07 - 02

Sound Meditation

Expresso 1

Macrame/Partner Yoga

Acroyoga 1 [solar: acrobatics]

Sunday 08 - 02

Sound Meditation

Expresso 2


Acroyoga 1 [lunar: therapeutics]


Acroyoga 1 [solar: acrobatics] by Tobias and Sophia
Suitable to beginners, this workshops is an introduction to the acrobatic part of Acroyoga. You will learn to give trust and to celebrate connection and playfulness and to develop body awareness. No partner or experience necessary.

Acroyoga 2 [lunar: therapeutics] by Tobias and Sophia
Therapuetic AcroYoga is often described as a "massage in the air" and is appropriate for all body types and flexibility levels. Therapeutic acroyoga teaches trust, sensitivity, and can be healing for both the flyer and base. No partner or experience necessary, come prepared to find strength you didn't know you had, make new connections, and be completely relaxed!

Bellydance by Yukari
This workshop is an introduction to the beautiful and gracious art of bellydancing. After a yoga warm-up, you will start to move your hips and chest at the rhythm of oriental music into an harmonic choreography.
Learnt Turkish Bellydance & Tribal Bellydance in Japan & Turkey & Usa Dancer's.
She is a professional performer of Fire proof , Fan Vail , Dobble Vail , Japanese Dance Fusion , China Dance Fusion , Hoop , Contact Ball etc. She has performances in Europe, Australia, Turkey, Japan , India, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand for Music Festivals and Fire works Festivals.

Partner Yoga by Marge
Partner Yoga expands the traditional practice of yoga into the realm of relationships. Fun and fulfilling, this workshop is open to anyone willing to explore the possibilities of connection with others. A gentle way to know yourself better and explore non-verbal communication.

Topsy-Turvy AcroMonkey : Acroyoga Performance and Acroyoga and Partner Yoga Workshops
Fascinated by the combination of form, energy and rhythm of Acroyoga, Tobias, Sophia and Marge aka Topsy-Turvy AcroMonkeys immediately got hooked by this practice that merges the healing art of thai massage with the ancient wisdom of yoga and the partnered postures of acrobatics. By initially practicing with friends and aficionados of the different expressions of body movements, they soon discovered how this practice can not only enhance one's self-esteem and body awareness, but has the power to create special bonds and build trust and communication among people of any background and paths of life. Since this discovery, they haven't stopped flying and sharing this practice with anyone they have come across. This passion has brought them to play in the streets and at several events in Singapore and abroad such as the Singapore Night Festival, Clash Culture Festival, Singapore, Chill Out Session events, Singapore, The Experience Festival in Koh Tao, Thailand, Burning Island III, Gili Air, Indonesia and many more. You can find them flying anywhere they go. You can view previous performances here and here.

Expresso by Jonno Katz
These workshops will be an exploration of a new art form that integrates improvisation, theatre, capoeira, dance and voice. Participants will be guided through a process to free up their minds and bodies culminating in a ritualized performance that enables freedom of expression. The dramatics takes part in a roda, an enclosed circle, where the audience is as much a part of the performance as the players. Come and take part in the birth of a new realization of performance. Suitable for dancers, actors, singers, movers and creators of all levels who wish to extend themselves.
Jonno is a multi-award winning actor and director. He has made 5 solo theatre shows that have toured extensively around the world, has directed award winning theatre shows and has produced a number of short films. What gives us freedom? Jonno has explored a variety of improvisational forms such as Viewpoints, Primal Theatre, Al Wunder, Plastique, Clowning, Buffont, Action Theatre, Authentic Movement, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation, Acroyoga, Character Based Improvisation and more. He likes to focus participants on becoming curious and tuning their awareness to the subtleties of their bodies in motion as they connect with their environment and other players. For more info visit www.jonnokatz.com

Macrame by Yukari
Anima Mundi aka Yukari from Japan will be leading this Macrame workshop. Anima Mundi From Japan. You will be working with threads, natural stones, glass and other materials and learn to make your unique jewellery. Kids & Macrame beginners are welcome.

Sound Meditation by Barry Tan
GROUND WITH SOUND :: A guided meditation with soundscapes
Join us for an unique meditation class that will leave you balanced, peaceful and energized. In this guided meditation, Barry will help you to clear your auric fields, activate dormant energy centers and experience a deep state of calmness using a sound bath to raise the vibrations of our being on a cellular level.Various instruments including the singing bowl will be used and played live.
Barry has always been interested in the workings of the mind which have led him to discovering and learning various modalities and techniques that has helped him to further understand his own mind. He discovered that when one meditates, you are giving your mind a job - and gradually, as the mind becomes more and more mindful & aware with its job, a natural and amazing transformation occurs.
He is very grateful for this opportunity to share with others some of these transformational techniques that he have experienced himself.

Feb 7 - Feb 8, 2015
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM SGT
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