Theater Urinko + MIURA Motoi + KUWAKUBO Ryota “Afraid of Troubles - Cannot Have Luck” in Toyota

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Theater Urinko + MIURA Motoi + KUWAKUBO Ryota
9.21 Sat 14:00/9.22 Sun 11:00

Artist:Theater Urinko + MIURA Motoi + KUWAKUBO Ryota      
Title:Afraid of Troubles - Cannot Have Luck ※New Creation / World Premiere
Venue:Main Theater, Toyota City Cultural Hall
Running time:80 min

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Ticket price:Adults/¥2,500 U25/¥1,500 U18/¥1,000

▶︎All shows will be open seating, with order of entry determined by ticket number.
▶︎U25 (for ages 25 and under) and U18 (for ages 18 and under) tickets will be available on the day of the show. Ticket holders must present their ID at the entrance.[MS1]
▶︎Door tickets for adults, U25, and U18 cost an additional ¥500.
▶︎Information on door tickets will be announced on our website at a later date.

*This program is available to children below school age. Please purchase U18 tickets.
*Admission is free for children if they sit on the lap of a parent or guardian.
*Childcare services will be available for all programs. Details will be announced at a later date.
*For wheelchair reservations please call our office at +81-52-971-6127.
*Performers and performances are subject to change without notice.

Founded in 1973 in Nagoya by a group of eight young artists, Theater Urinko is a company that specializes in productions for children and youth. It takes its name from the Japanese word urinko, meaning “wild boar piglet.” Based in its own dedicated theater in Nagoya’s Meitō district, the company brings their shows to schools in Aichi, Mie, and Gifu prefectures, and frequently tours within and outside of Japan. In their 45-year history, Theater Urinko has created as many as 211 works and has held an astonishing 450 performances each year, shaping children’s experiences of theater in the Tokai region.

For their new work at Aichi Triennale 2019, they will perform a play by Russian children’s author Samuil Marshak, who is best known for Twelve Months. The production invites Motoi Miura of the theater company Chiten as director and media artist Ryota Kuwakubo as set designer, both of whom have established their own distinct techniques and vision. The outcome of their collaboration will be a magical, otherworldly performance sure to captivate the hearts and minds of children and adults alike.

Sep 21 - Sep 22, 2019
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
2:00 PM - 12:30 PM JST
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Main Theater, Toyota Civic Culture Hall
9/21 Sat 14:00 Adults SOLD OUT ¥2,500
9/21 Sat 14:00 U25 SOLD OUT ¥1,500
9/21 Sat 14:00 U18 SOLD OUT ¥1,000
9/22 Sun 11:00 Adults SOLD OUT ¥2,500
9/22 Sun 11:00 U25 SOLD OUT ¥1,500
9/22 Sun 11:00 U18 SOLD OUT ¥1,000
Venue Address
愛知県豊田市小坂町12丁目100 Japan

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