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(.pkg) final installer Mux and tag your MP4 files. on


Main category / Multimedia Design
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Developer / Damiano Galassi
Filesize / 20378
Title / Subler

https://hideuri.com/aVgEW4 ☆ vers 1.5.14 Subler

If you have multiple videos that you want to process at the same time, you can repeat the steps above with additional videos, adding them to the queue. The Subler icon in your dock will show how many videos you have added to the queue. Once you load an MP4 file, its video and audio tracks will appear separately in a list, on Subler's compact user interface. Existing metadata is presented on three tabs, beneath the tracks list. You can add metadata manually, by creating individual annotations, like name, album, director and so on and typing in their values or descriptions. Alternatively, you can let the application find and insert the information for you. It can search for relevant details about movies or TV shows on the iTunes Store, TheMovieDB and on TheTVDB. All you have to do is specify a title and choose a set of results. Choose your MKV file that you want to remux for your Apple TV. Subler shows you all the available tracks in the video (normally at least one video and one audio stream). Just add them all because you can select the right ones in the next step. Portable version = A portable/standalone version is available. No installation is required. RECENTLY UPDATED = The software has been updated the last 31 days. You may need to download an audio codec to handle stereo and 5.1 surround sound from A52 and AC-3 audio. This type of audio is often found in DVD movies. If this codec is not present, VideoDrive will warn you as without the codec, your resulting iTunes videos might be missing audio.

Recomended iMac Pro https://macpkg.icu/?id=31647&kw=exx-1.4.9-Subler.tar.gz
on iMac Pro https://macpkg.icu/?id=31647&kw=MOR3SI.SUBLER.VER..1.5.3.DMG

Torrent version key Subler

Add menu item to reset the volume.
Note: Attached to this article is the video above that we added subtitles to using Subler. The method described above using Subler produces a video that allows subtitles to be displayed using Quicktime 10, iTunes, and iOS devices. However, it does not work for Quicktime 7 and some versions of Windows Media Player. Feel free to download this sample and test it to see if this method of subtitling will work for your needs.
Subler is a simple mp4 file format muxer created by the developer Damiano Galassi to enable all Mac users with the ability to easily manage their video files packaged in MKV or MOV containers and easily add, remove or manage audio, video, chapter and subtitle streams that are held in them. This also includes creation of new MKV files, and streams that will be compatible with reproduction on all apple devices from home computers to portable devices and even Apple TV.
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When you import your own ripped DVDs and Blu-rays, however, you get quite a different experience. By default, movies manually imported into iTunes are displayed in the “Home Movies” category, and lack all metadata and artwork.
Hosted on Google Code, Subler (by Damiano Galassi) is an open source application for Mac OS X that enables you to mux .mp4 files. For those who don't know mux (from multiplexing), it's a device that selects one of many analog or digital input signals and forwards the selected input into a single line. (Wikipedia)

(17525 kbytes) v 1.3.1 Subler SnW 1.3.8 Updated version
(20785 kbytes) Get Lxfw Subler 1.5.13 3.5.14 Version MacBook Pro
(18747 kbytes) Update Subler v.1.5.17 Gq7b2 1.5.13 Updated version
(17932 kbytes) Get v.1.5.15 Subler NoGD 1.4.6 to 10.11.5
(24046 kbytes) Download Subler vers.3.5.14 jsT1Nr 1.4.5 to High Sierra
(19155 kbytes) Download Subler 1.4 T5uE 1.6.14 Updated on MacBook
(18340 kbytes) Get x9PY Subler ver 1.4.8 1.4.6 Recomended to 10.12.5

New 10.14.3 Shukofukurou-v.5.2.8-Ayt.app {4864 kbytes} 3.2.2
Recomended Sierra DreamShot.v.3.0.6.ABvj1.tar.gz {7224 kbytes} 3.0.7
Updated version 33Rz_ver_0.19.53_Brave.app {93485 kbytes} 0.20.29
Sep 24 - Sep 24, 2023
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(.pkg) final installer Mux and tag your MP4 files. on
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