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to High Sierra Speaks-your-Twitter-timeline-as-tweets-come-in..dmg where download


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Stwutter speaks your Twitter timeline out loud as new tweets stream in. You can interact with the tweets through voice commands. Stwutter is ideal for those who are visually impaired, and it a great tool to monitor your tweets without having to interfere with your workflow or entertainment. Features: - Tweets are spoken out loud - Uses the streaming API providing you with the fastest delivery of tweets - Modify the voice and its characteristics - Handy status bar and dock menu for quick muting/unmuting - Ability to automatically open websites mentioned in default browser - Follow various search keywords - Choose a time delay for after each spoken tweet (ideal for using voice commands) - Specify queuing and buffer options of tweets - The icon is a robobrrd Voice commands: - "Read last tweet": reads the last tweet that was spoken - "User information": speaks about the user who tweeted, their bio and how many follow them - "Open website": opens the website (if any) mentioned in the tweet

Recomended to High Sierra qGoZYw.v.1.4.Stwutter.zip
10.12.4 w15n-version-1.3-Stwutter.dmg
New on 10.13.5 stwutter_ver_1.5_9wk.zip
Featured for Mojave BUT_VERSION_1.2_STWUTTER.PKG

CVL Wireless

New for Mac mini FrameQX.vers.1.3.qns4v.app [3968 kbytes] 3.2
for MacOS MLJVO-TAO-PRESENTATIONS-VERS.1.4.6.PKG [120186 kbytes] 1.7.3
MacOS Time_Tracker_2.3.13_Bo6.app [2519 kbytes] 1.3.16
OS X ver.-3.6.1-OBD-Auto-Doctor-isLEWh.tar.gz [13538 kbytes] 3.6.3
Featured! version EDQ.v.3.54.Jedit.X.pkg [43122 kbytes] 4.54

{435 kbytes} App Stwutter ver 2.1 Fa1 3.1 MacBook Air
{512 kbytes} Download Stwutter version 1.5 rNRHI 1.4 Best 10.13.4
{568 kbytes} App lD7z ver. 2.1 Stwutter 3.1 New Sierra
{445 kbytes} Software Stwutter vers.1.3 IB0Tx 2.1 Best on MacOS
{506 kbytes} Update WSS STWUTTER VERS 1.2 1.3 Version on 10.14.2
{491 kbytes} App VERS 1.4 STWUTTER HK9 3.1 Recomended! version
Oct 13 - Oct 13, 2023
[ Tue ] - [ Fri ]
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM JST
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to High Sierra Speaks-your-Twitter-timeline-as-tweets-come-in..dmg where download
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