TSUKIJI COOKING 19th/12/2014 -Sushi - japanese cooking class tokyo


Tsukiji cooking Schedule --Sushi Class&Fish cut

・19 th/12/2014 11:00-13:00

      We have just opened the cooking class next to tsukiji fish market,

A convenient location ■Learn in English 

Use the food materials fresh from Tsukiji Market.



Join Tsukiji Cooking.


- Schedule: ・19th/12/2014 11:00-13:00 


 ・Start: 11:00-

 ・Meal time: 12:30-13:00


-Address: 4-1-8, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045, Japan 

-Price: 5,000Yen per person


-3food items

【Nigiri zushi(sushi)】

【Temari zushi(sushi)】

Temari Sushi is a casual and easy sushi that anyone can make at home.

As temari means thread balls in Japanese, temarizushi, or temari sushi, are small and ball-shaped sushi. Temari sushi are usually cooked on happy occasions. These are easy to eat sushi and good for parties.

【Futomaki zushi(sushi)】
Futomaki is a type of rolled sushi that is known for its large size and careful balance of ingredients. People who think of sushi as just raw fish are often very surprised by the care and artistry that goes into these rolls.

【Miso soup】

Miso soup is a traditional jaoanese soup consisting of a stock called "dashi" into which softened miso paste is mixed.

How to register

-Applicants must make reservations in advance.

-Same day registration is permitted, subject to availability.

Check here to register.

Welcome to Japan!

Are you satisfied with only eating and shopping?

TSUKIJI COOKING welcomes people as follows;

-Not fully satisfied with “just eating” delicious Japanese cuisines.

-Looking for a unique Japanese experience to enhance your trip!

-Always thought of learning how to cook traditional Japanese cuisines, including home dishes.

-Hoping to recreate an authentic Japanese food when you go back.

TSUKIJI COOKING can offer you;

-A convenient location

We are located in next to tsukiji fish market. Make an extra stop to participate in class when you are sightseeing in the city.

-Learn in English

Don’t speak Japanese? No problem! Japanese/English interpreter will attend classes.

-So fresh!

We will use the food materials fresh from Tsukiji Market.

We aim to have a bonding relationship between students and teachers.

Why don’t you join us and cook a delicious dish, try it, and have social fun time?

Join Tsukiji Cooking.

What is Tukiji Market?

Tsukiji market opened in 1935, when the fish market in Nihonbashi and the vegetable market in Kyobashi were moved.

It is the wholesale market for seafood and vegetables which has the oldest history of the 11 Central Wholesale Markets in Tokyo.

The supply zone extends to the nearby prefectures in Kanto Area as well as Tokyo. It is one of the world's largest markets for marine products in particular and plays a role as a quoted market of Japan.

※A quoted market means a market with the power to form prices as reference to trade at other markets.

Fri Dec 19, 2014
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM JST
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【TSUKIJI COOKING】next to tsukiji
TSUKIJI COOKING 19th/12/2014 -Sushi - japanese cooking class tokyo SOLD OUT ¥5,000
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東京都中央区築地4丁目1−8 <Address>4-1-8, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045, Japan  Japan
①都営大江戸線【築地市場】駅徒歩8分 ②日比谷線【東銀座】駅徒歩5分 ≪Access≫①Toei Oedo Line 【Tsukijishijo】Station 8-minutes walk ②Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line【Tsukiji】Station 5-minutes walk