Ever wondered how beer is made? Want to make your own beer?
Well then come and brew a beer with BrewHeister in Brooklyn!

We'll have some snacks and a few homebrews on hand to enjoy while you learn the ins and outs of craft beer and actually brew one of your own... Then pickup a few bottles of your beer a few weeks from your brew date.

Oct 25th - Pumpkin Bumpkin (ready for Thanksgiving)
Nov 22th - Ginger Bread Brown (ready for other Holidays)
Jan 10th - Something to Stout About (hearty winter fare)
Feb 14th - Chocolate Porter (beer for lovers)
Mar 28th - EGGD IPA (great IPA for every goddamn day)

About BrewHeister:

It took a hop across the pond to get Sam Burlingame to drink a beer, but after surviving a night train through Poland and downing a dark German wheat beer in Dresden, his appreciation for the frothy fermentation began to blossom. Six years later, he forged into home brewing, and now it's a full fledged passion. BrewHeister is the realization of a dream to brew fantastically fresh full flavored ales and to share those beers along with the knowledge and joy of home brewing with the burgeoning craft beer community. Now entering it's 4th year, with a plethora of recipes and a number of events and workshops under it's belt, BrewHeister is looking to leap into lagers while continuing to expand it's reach, capacity, and brewing horizon. Hope to heist a pint with you soon...

Brew On!
Sat Jan 3, 2015
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST
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New Brew SOLD OUT $40.00
Venue Address
200 16th st 11215 United States
Brew Heister