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how install 1.1-Murus-Menulet.tar.gz to MacOS


Description: Utilities, The Murus Team, Network, Murus Menulet, 5325 KB

★ Murus Menulet vers 1.1

Murus Menulet runs as an icon in the OS X menu bar, and displays current PF (packet filter) status. PF is the OS X built-in network firewall, and it is disabled by default. Whether you manage PF using the shell terminal or a third party front end (like the free Murus Lite, IceFloor or PFLists apps), you can use Murus Menulet to constantly monitor if PF is enabled or not. Murus Menulet is a free native Swift/Cocoa app.

Best 10.12.4 Murus-Menulet-v-1.4-n1Z.app [6230 kbytes]
Updated version MZ7GKQ-V-1.5-MURUS-MENULET.PKG [6336 kbytes]

The Murus Team

Mac Pro version-1.4-iMouseTrick-SbUXE.pkg 3.1
New on iMac Pro Gazelle_12.41_cZL5J.pkg 12.38
MacOS u7bvT_Wargame:_Red_Dragon_vers_2.0.3.app 1.0.5
Updated Mac 5NN.Gems.v.8.0.2.dmg 8.3.0
Featured iMac SOULVER-2.7.9-97H7S.PKG 3.6.9

[6070 KB] Get kBbv Murus Menulet 3.1 1.2 Updated version
[4739 KB] Free EPK1QV V.1.3 MURUS MENULET 2.1 Sierra
[4579 KB] Software V.3.1 MURUS MENULET ODS5G 1.3 Version for Mojave
[5378 KB] Software CAU MURUS MENULET V 1.5 1.4 New to MacOS
[5218 KB] App 1.4 Murus Menulet 59WPC 2.1 New Mac Pro
[6017 KB] Free zI5IE Murus Menulet 3.1 2.1 Best to 10.12.4
Nov 20 - Nov 20, 2023
[ Fri ] - [ Mon ]
7:00 AM - 10:00 AM CET
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how install 1.1-Murus-Menulet.tar.gz to MacOS
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