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Description: Puzzle / Chris Mayer / Brain App / 28877 KB / Games

Brain App 2.2

Brain App - the connected, social, cross-platform brain exercise experience. The simple exercises in Brain App are designed to awaken your mind, stimulate blood-flow in your brain, and with continued use can help strengthen neural connections - like a performance tune-up for your brain, speeding up reactions and improving memory recollection. TEST Brain App uses simple rapid-fire exercises to help keep your mind sharp. Join BrainApp.net the free social brain training platform, compare your scores with friends, and sync your profile between the iPhone, iPad and Mac versions. ENJOY Seventeen modes in six unique exercise types. Speed Math, Balloon Burst, Card Count, Missing Signs, Color Chaos, and Shape Shift. Adjustable difficulty and time settings. IMPROVE Your best scores are recorded on your Score Pad, and you will be challenged to beat them - and with BrainApp.net you friends will be challenged to beat your scores too! COMPETE Brain App will give you an IQ score, determined by your performance in every brain exercise. Compare with your friends, are you the smartest? Graphs and Leaderboards help you compare with friends.

Best MacOS qplR.ver..2.5.Brain.App.app (34652 kbytes)
Updated version wtgn.brain.app.v.2.6.pkg (24545 kbytes)
for MacOS Brain-App-vers-4.2-xHzLNT.app (32342 kbytes)
Updated on High Sierra 9K2kr-ver-3.2-Brain-App.zip (29743 kbytes)
Featured Mac vx3-Brain-App-ver.-2.1.app (23390 kbytes)

Chris Mayer
Software key Brain App 2.2

Version on 10.12.6 AvyF-v-3.1.44-Recover-PDF-Password.zip [6362 KB] 3.1.46
Version for OS X 9oEx7v_5.0.2_This_War_of_Mine.zip [2224030 KB] 5.0.1

{26566 kbytes} Free 1Qv 2.1 Brain App 2.6 10.13.6
{23679 kbytes} Download BRAIN APP VER. 2.5 1DTZ 3.2 to MacOS
{28010 kbytes} Free vers 2.0.2 Brain App tjJ2 2.4 Recomended 10.11
{27144 kbytes} Update B2YK BRAIN APP 2.3 2.0 Version 10.14.3
{31475 kbytes} App v.4.2 Brain App s0Q 2.4 to MacBook Air
{28588 kbytes} BRAIN APP VER 2.0.2 UMPQEL 2.3 Featured to Mojave
Tue May 7, 2019
3:00 AM - 6:00 AM EST
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v.2.2 Brain App how install 10.13.4
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