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iMac v_1.1.0_Fontself_Maker.tar.gz how install


Description: Fontself Graphics and Design Fontself Maker 420 KB Designs and Graphics

1.1.0 Fontself Maker

Fontself Maker brings font-creation capabilities to Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC. You can now easily turn your own lettering into actual fonts: - It's so easy: just drag-and-drop any letter, icon, or symbol to the Fontself Maker panel, and boom, you've created a font. - Export it as a standard OpenType (.otf) font file in one click, and have fun with your new font! Features - Create fonts in minutes - Drag-and-drop to convert any shape into a character - Edit, preview, and install fonts within Illustrator or Photoshop - Export OpenType font files - Runs on both Mac and PC The published price is for either the Illustrator or Photoshop plug-in. A bundle for both is also available. Info can be found here.

to Mojave 2Ir9-ver-1.1.1-Fontself-Maker.app
Updated version qfW.Fontself.Maker.ver..1.4.0.zip


on iMac Pro 6.6.300.0-ESET-Cyber-Security-Pro-FjEy.tar.gz (112105 kb) 6.7.300.0
for MacOS Language-Aid-1.3-QVC.app (968 kb) 1.4
Sierra UHA.RAINBOW.WEB.2.V.2.0.TAR.GZ (28928 kb) 3.0

Update Fontself Maker vers 1.1.3 aeCCY 1.1.1 Recomended to iMac Pro
Get 1k2c ver. 1.1.1 Fontself Maker 1.2.0 Best for Sierra
Feb 27 - Feb 27, 2023
[ Thu ] - [ Mon ]
3:00 AM - 6:00 AM JST
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iMac v_1.1.0_Fontself_Maker.tar.gz how install
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