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With iSnap, managing the windows on your computer has become a snap! With the iSnap app, you can organize various windows to fit perfectly on your screen and access them simultaneously! By clicking and dragging your windows to various sections on your screen, you can optimize productivity with a snap. iSnap offers you 3 different templates to choose for optimal productivity. BONUS FEATURE For a limited time, purchasing iSnap also includes iShake! iShake allows you to grab any window and by shaking it, it automatically minimizes every other window except the one you shake. By shaking again, it will restore all previously minimized windows. Extras: - Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to give your trackpad a break. - Easily enable/disable iSnap, iShake, or both! - Thank you so much for your support and be sure to check out iZip and PDF Editor.

Version 10.14 rvzce.isnap.vers.2.6.tar.gz
New Sierra ver.-1.8-iSnap-QBv.tar.gz
Version iMac Yjas-vers-1.10-iSnap.app
New to 10.13.4 v.1.9.iSnap.k91y.zip
New OS X iSnap_version_3.6_5Qsl.app

Official: http://pocketathan.com/

to Mac version_6.0_Lexikon-Sonate_iAO.app 5.4
Featured to El Captan Comcast-Bandwidth-Meter-ver.-3.3.7-fHCF9.app 1.5.7
New on Mojave Font_Pestle_vers_1.4.4_E9q.pkg 2.4.0
for Mojave yxc.Kaptain.Brawe.-.Episode.II.version.2.0.3.tar.gz 1.2.3

| 356 kb | Software VERSION 1.8 ISNAP EPM8MS 2.6 Recomended for Sierra
| 245 kb | Download iSnap v.3.6 j03 1.8 Updated High Sierra
| 319 kb | Download ver 2.6 iSnap kbS 1.9 to OS X
Thu May 2, 2019
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM JST
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stable 2019 version where download Manage windows with snapping functionality.
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