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for MacOS 1.1-Race-illegal-High-Speed-3D.app where download


Description: Games / 200704 KB / Chillingo Ltd / Action / Race illegal High Speed 3D

➲ Race illegal High Speed 3D vers 1.1

Race illegal High Speed 3D lets you put the pedal to the metal in this high-octane, adrenaline-pumping street racer. Speed, drift, dodge, ram, and race your way to legendary status in career mode, or just dive in to a quick arcade race. Race illegal puts you in the driver's seat as you take on other racers in a variety of game modes. Win races to win cash, spend it on super-powered upgrades for your ride, and burn some rubber! Race illegal: High Speed 3D - A true arcade racing experience on your Mac! - USB-controller support for a pure arcade experience. - A range of supercars and countless optimization combinations. - Take part in a story-driven career mode or dive into a quick race. - Five different race modes, each challenging a different driving skill. - Stunning graphics and destruction visuals as well as authentic engine sound effects that are different for every car. - Give your racer a personal flare with extravagant paint jobs. - Smash your old times and beat your friends for endless replay value. - Special effects like motion blur, nitro boost, and slow motion.

Recomended! version nfscxa-1.2-race-illegal-high-speed-3d.tar.gz (238837 kbytes)
OS X LdCn29_Race_illegal_High_Speed_3D_ver_1.5.app (240844 kbytes)
on Sierra kkqS7-Race-illegal-High-Speed-3D-3.1.zip (166584 kbytes)
New on MacOS SuOq_Race_illegal_High_Speed_3D_vers_1.4.zip (182640 kbytes)

Chillingo Ltd
Official: http://www.chillingo.com/games/race-illegal-high-speed-3d-mac/
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New! version FzzW_2.3.1_Note.pkg {728 kb} 2.0.4
Best! version RFJX-VERS-2.3.4-TTV.DMG {7648 kb} 2.10.1
Updated version GZMA_SCDOWNLOADER_VERS_1.2.APP {10636 kb} 1.1
New on MacOS ver-1.5.5-DVC-Calculator-fyy.zip {6594 kb} 1.4.5
Version on OS X UjZPnv_v_1.5.6_SEQUEL_for_PostgreSQL.zip {18022 kb} 1.10
Updated to Mac mini SxD0-vers.2.5.0-BaseMind.zip {4666 kb} 3.5.0

| 168591 kbytes | Free 3Ea Race illegal High Speed 3D v 1.2 1.4 Best! version
| 226795 kbytes | Download version 3.1 Race illegal High Speed 3D OiC 1.4 Mojave
| 194682 kbytes | App TwkHW Race illegal High Speed 3D 1.2 1.5 Featured! version
| 202711 kbytes | 1.3 Race illegal High Speed 3D sO5 2.1 Best Mac
| 170598 kbytes | Get ver. 1.4 Race illegal High Speed 3D rmzBm 1.5 Best! version
Jun 20 - Jun 20, 2023
[ Sat ] - [ Tue ]
10:00 PM - 1:00 AM JST
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for MacOS 1.1-Race-illegal-High-Speed-3D.app where download
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