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(top 14) VERS. 2.2.1 PRO PLAYER how install Mac mini


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Pro Player

2.2.1 Pro Player

Pro Player is a professional QuickTime player for video content creators and motion graphics designers. With its beautifully designed monochromatic interface, Pro Player provides a fast, elegant, streamlined way to review or present your content. Features - Clean and simple single-window interface. - Large time display (timecode, absolute time or frames). - Time Selection - Set in and out times for a custom playback range. - Alpha Controls - View alpha channel as white on black, change viewer background to checkerboard pattern and interpret file as premultiplied or straight. - Track Listing - View a list of video, audio and timecode tracks in the current file with the ability to mute and solo individual audio tracks. - Favourite Folders - Add frequently used folders for direct access to media files within Pro Player. - Desktop - Allows freeform organization of files with interactive thumbnails. - No playback control overlays - see an unobstructed view of your video at all times. - JKL keyboard control. - Shuttle and jog by dragging on viewer. - Visual display of current shuttle speed. - Jump back/forward command with selectable times in preferences. - Single-key full screen mode. - Audio volume and mute. - Reveal current movie in Finder. - Visual recent files display with interactive thumbnails - Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts Important Notes - Pro Player is designed for playback of .mov, .mp4 and audio files. It does not support playback of MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files. - Pro Player will open MXF files (including XAVC) if the Pro Video Formats update is installed (requires purchase of Final Cut Pro, Motion or Compressor). - Avid DNxHR codec does not decode alpha channels correctly. Avid are aware of the bug. Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

Featured! version JeqgNk_Pro_Player_4.2.1.zip
Featured! version VERSION_2.2.3_PRO_PLAYER_NLM70L.TAR.GZ
Featured Sierra pro-player-2.2.5-ort1.tar.gz
Featured! version Pro-Player-vers.2.3.1-C8jwn.dmg
Version Mac Pro OhRQ98_v_2.4.1_Pro_Player.zip
Recomended! version Z4BY-3.2.1-Pro-Player.app

Digital Heaven Ltd

to Mojave jyd_v_3.43_Anemona.tar.gz 1.44
Featured iMac SMARTSLEEP.V.3.23.QFKUXW.APP 3.26

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Oct 19 - Oct 19, 2023
[ Mon ] - [ Thu ]
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST
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(top 14) VERS. 2.2.1 PRO PLAYER how install Mac mini
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