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working version how download Lingvo Dictionary 1.10.3


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lingvo dictionary 1.10.3

Lingvo Dictionary gives you an instant access to high-quality translation dictionaries for English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese. Lingvo contains world class Oxford Dictionaries and includes over 7,150,000 entries. No Internet connection or in-app purchases required, all dictionaries are included in the application. Features - Translation from ENGLISH into Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and back - Translation from RUSSIAN into English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and back - Get multiple translations and usage samples for each word meaning - View verb forms, synonyms and antonyms, grammar notes, and cultural information - Learn meanings of set expressions from general translation and idiomatic dictionaries, phrase books and dictionaries of English slang and colloquialisms - Look up accurate translations in more than 100 subject dictionaries of computer, engineering, law, marketing, economics, finance and banking, and medicine terms - Use New Oxford American Dictionary, with word meanings arranged by their frequency of use - Listen to pronunciation of key words for English, Spanish, German, Russian and French recorded by native speakers - Get a pop-up translation in the Safari browser by simply pointing the mouse cursor at unfamiliar words

Featured! version BFIu_Lingvo_Dictionary_v.1.12.3.app [818718 kbytes]
Best! version qdcyv7.1.10.2.lingvo.dictionary.tar.gz [903413 kbytes]
New for 10.14 VERS_3.10.3_LINGVO_DICTIONARY_UZM4BX.TAR.GZ [1006929 kbytes]
to Sierra 3nmip1.Lingvo.Dictionary.ver.1.10.4.pkg [997519 kbytes]
Updated version lingvo.dictionary.vers.1.10.0.use.zip [762255 kbytes]
10.14.1 XgwkSa-Lingvo-Dictionary-v-1.11.3.dmg [865771 kbytes]

ABBYY USA Software House Inc

Updated to High Sierra TOPAZ-SIMPLIFY-V-4.2.3-X0XZSM.PKG [33639 kbytes] 4.5.0
iMac Pro zNApmO-1.3-Sketchoo.app [32118 kbytes] 3.1
Version El Captan 7Cpcgy-Bottomless-Fish-Pond-vers- [38854 kbytes]
for High Sierra HSWH_2.8.7_BBC_IPLAYER.ZIP [65260 kbytes] 2.8.8
on Mojave VERS.1.12.AGE.OF.TRIBES.TYU.ZIP [98181 kbytes] 1.13
Mac Pro KOA_MIN_VERS.1.7.1.TAR.GZ [53157 kbytes] 1.7.0

(941056 KB) Download Lingvo Dictionary ver 1.10.0 BXwNa 1.10.6 Featured for 10.13.4
(978698 KB) q8ZitC 1.13.3 Lingvo Dictionary 1.12.3 Recomended on 10.11.5
(828129 KB) Free v 1.10.0 Lingvo Dictionary A7s 3.10.3 iMac Pro
Mar 18 - Mar 18, 2023
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9:00 AM - 12:00 PM JST
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working version how download Lingvo Dictionary 1.10.3
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