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stable version 3.44 CCN X how install


Description: Personal Info Managers, Business, CCN X, BrilorSoftware, 1126 KB

3.44 CCN X

CCN X is a text-based simple-to-use mini personal information manager with many helpful components: - Calendar in weekly, monthly, yearly views - color coded visual cues for dates with notes - Day Notes (notes associated with a date) - Searchable weekly, monthly and list views. - Recurring for the events that happen every week, month or year - Exportable to text and iCal - Spellcheck - Supports non-Roman text with unicode - Reminders - automatic and recurring with email notification - NotePads - User-created notepads for collecting To Dos and other important ideas you want to save - Digital Clock with many options such as chimes, 24 hour time. Uses time format of the mac. - Timers - Minute timers so you remember to take breaks or whatever. - Event Tracking Timers - elapsed time in Years, Months, Days from or to events specified and integrated to daynotes - Simple Project Tracking timer - Countdown - a realtime Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds countdown to the date/event of your choice. - For Travelers and Photographers: - Time Zone monitor - track local time in other time zones - Sunrise and Sunset Times shown for current day - Some Other Useful Features: - Month and Day names are shown in the local language - US holidays - Week of Year shown in Weekly and Monthly views

Updated to MacBook Air THOTY3.CCN.X.V.3.48.PKG
iMac Pro v.3.46.CCN.X.5vM.tar.gz
for El Captan qf9qts_ccn_x_version_3.47.zip
to Sierra CCN_X_version_3.45_PS6U7.dmg

Serial key CCN X

Version on iMac SMART_SCREEN_CAPTURE_7.1_RPIS.TAR.GZ {1462 kb} 6.1
Updated version 9UCB5z-ver-1.4.7-diabasics.tar.gz {5545 kb} 3.2.7

[957 kbytes] v.3.46 CCN X Jw30 5.44 for 10.14.2
[1002 kbytes] Get 9BIR ver 4.44 CCN X 3.46 Recomended Mac mini
[1272 kbytes] Get CCN X 5.44 Z2YKSR 3.46 for MacOS
[1317 kbytes] Download tG4 vers.5.44 CCN X 3.48 10.13.4
Apr 25 - Apr 25, 2023
[ Sat ] - [ Tue ]
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET
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stable version 3.44 CCN X how install
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