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(Best 8) how download v. Synqion on OS X


Description: 70349 KB - File Management - Utilities - Synqion - SNAP Innovation GmbH

Synqion v.

Synqion (was TeamDrive) virtualizes folder and their documents for data exchange and collaboration among teams, individuals, and multiple devices using the Internet. Anyone with access to a WebDAV server (e.g., available with Box.net, free-of-charge) can use the free version of Synqion for an unlimited time without any restrictions. The software application guarantees a high degree of security and is awarded the Data Protection Seal of Approval by the Independent Center for Privacy Protection ULD in Germany. All data which leaves a computer is highly encrypted (256 bit) and is not accessible by any uninvited person. All data is available offline and always stays in sync. A basic Synqion account is free. Personal ($110.85/year) and other versions are also available. For more details see this page.

Mac mini QJYsP7-Synqion-vers. [72459 KB]
Recomended! version Synqion_vers. [83011 KB]
to MacOS rmylsM- [71052 KB]
Version iMac bRRBV9.4.5.2.Synqion.zip [74569 KB]
Recomended on 10.12.4 ver.. [83011 KB]
New 10.14.3 HKl-ver- [78790 KB]

SNAP Innovation GmbH
Official site: https://www.teamdrive.com/

to Sierra S98TE7-FuzzyTime-ver-3.2.2.dmg [8196 KB] 2.2.2
New 10.11.4 3KF_ver._2.0_LeWitt_Cubes.tar.gz [132 KB] 3.0
Updated MacBook qiix-ver.-2.0.12-BeanCounter.pkg [6825 KB] 3.0.10

| 77383 kb | VERS SYNQION RYH Updated for iMac Pro
| 66831 kb | Software VERSION SYNQION P4NG Version MacOS
| 68942 kb | Update n9Qcj Synqion Featured to High Sierra
| 58389 kb | Update QRBV SYNQION Best MacOS
May 30 - May 30, 2023
[ Sat ] - [ Tue ]
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM JST
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(Best 8) how download v. Synqion on OS X
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