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where download vers 22.2 Fora Dictionary Pro πŸ™ƒ to 10.13


Description: Education; 72602 KB; NG-Computing; Language; Fora Dictionary Pro

β—“ 22.2_Fora_Dictionary_Pro.tar.gz

Fora Dictionary Pro is an offline dictionary lookup application. It allows StarDict, XDXF, DSL, DICTD, and TSV/Plain format dictionaries accessed off-line, quickly, and easily. Features: - Suggestions - Import/Export from shared folder, internet URL, or peer app running on another device/computer - Diacritics-free, punctuation-free, and in-headword matching - Phonetic, wildcard, fuzzy, full-text search - Popup translations (all words clickable) - Morphology/Affixes support using Hunspell dictionaries - Bookmarking (favourites) - Results export (save to file) - Night theme - Text Viewer Combines dictionary lookups with a basic text viewing application. It can be used to read eBooks in plain-text/UTF-8 format or to read/translate text such as news. - Text Indexer "Import Text" option creates dictionaries from arbitrary text that could be extracted from any document, including office documents. - Vocabulary Exerciser Picks random words from dictionaries or history and asks you guess it. A few English dictionaries (WordNet, Moby, FOLDOC, etc.) and several bilingual dictionaries are available as downloads within the app.

MacOS v.22.3_Fora_Dictionary_Pro_B4lBzP.zip
to Sierra Fora-Dictionary-Pro-22.5-9IfIA.pkg
on El Captan 19A_v_22.4_Fora_Dictionary_Pro.dmg
OS X dX20PO_Fora_Dictionary_Pro_v_22.6.tar.gz

Key for repack Fora Dictionary Pro

to Mac mini TweetDeck_vers_3.13_kUH.app 3.10
Recomended to iMac MRK2-AURORAFOX-VERS.20.3A2.APP 20.4a2

{66067 KB} Get VER 22.5 FORA DICTIONARY PRO Z1H5 24.2 Recomended for MacBook Air
{68971 KB} Get Fora Dictionary Pro v.22.3 skj 22.6 Featured on 10.13.6
{86396 KB} Get vers 22.4 Fora Dictionary Pro GhDC 22.5 10.14.3
{59533 KB} App FORA DICTIONARY PRO V.23.2 7KVM 22.3 El Captan
{77684 KB} Free Fora Dictionary Pro v 22.4 K56y0T 22.5 for iMac Pro
{79862 KB} 22.3 Fora Dictionary Pro yuXvv7 22.5 Featured! version
{68971 KB} Download Fora Dictionary Pro v.22.3 n21 22.6 Best 10.12.6
Sep 4 - Sep 4, 2023
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where download vers 22.2 Fora Dictionary Pro ? to 10.13
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