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(11 Top) for OS X File archiving and extraction. 🔥 how download


Description: Bit Per Second Utilities sArchiver 9728 KB Compression

sArchiver vers.3.8.15

sArchiver is the lord of archives. Features: - Complete RAR support (compress, decompress, password protected, split volumes) - Compress, Extract, Test, Split: rar, zip, 7z, ARJ, LHA, gzip, bzip2, tar - Compress & Upload to FTP with ease and automation - Send email notification with link (optional) when FTP upload complete - Integrated DMG image creation utility. Supports AES-128/256 password encryption. - Unique SFX (self-extracting) technology. sArchiver is able to create independent self-extracting archives. The SFX archive doesn't need any application to extract it self. That's freedom. - Integrated backup system. sArchiver can backup your Applications Preferences and personal Documents. The backups are totally independent. You don't need sArchiver to restore your information. - Integrated archive converter. You can convert rar, zip, 7z, LHA, ARJ, gzip, bzip2, tar to rar, zip, 7z. - sArchiver can preview your archived picture collection without extracting the archive. - sArchiver is able to extract multiple archive files directly from finder. (select all files and double click on one of them while they are all still selected).

on 10.13.4 VERSION-3.8.18-SARCHIVER-LWH.APP | 11187 kbytes |
Mojave uKlFj_sArchiver_ver_3.8.19.app | 11381 kbytes |
Updated El Captan OdV_sArchiver_version_3.10.15.dmg | 10700 kbytes |
Recomended! version KRBNfA.sArchiver.v.4.8.15.pkg | 11284 kbytes |

Bit Per Second

Best for High Sierra POX-VERSION-1.7-SUPER-FOUL-EGG.DMG {4966 KB} 3.4
Best! version Fv1IGf.Art.Authority.ver.3.3.dmg {5785 KB} 4.2
Featured! version UQSDEL-SUPERMARKET-MANAGEMENT-VER.-2.4.PKG {38478 KB} 2.3
Featured to El Captan etNi_vers.2.7.7_Skyscraper.zip {4046 KB} 4.7.6
New! version Audio-File-Health-Check-1.8-2Od.pkg {3031 KB} 1.2.6

(10019 kb) Free x9j sArchiver vers 5.8.15 3.8.19 Recomended! version
(8560 kb) Get 388wCu v 3.8.19 sArchiver 3.8.18 Version on El Captan
(11381 kb) Update BYGJ9W VERS 3.8.16 SARCHIVER 3.8.18 Recomended to 10.13.4
(9825 kb) Free version 3.8.18 sArchiver tYru 3.8.19 Recomended El Captan
(10214 kb) Download EUCNO SARCHIVER VERS 3.9.15 5.8.15 New to High Sierra
(8657 kb) Get sArchiver v.5.8.15 MQHBf 3.8.17 Version for El Captan
(9047 kb) Free SARCHIVER 3.8.19 JLD 3.8.18 Mojave
Aug 26 - Aug 26, 2023
[ Wed ] - [ Sat ]
3:00 AM - 6:00 AM JST
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(11 Top) for OS X File archiving and extraction. ? how download
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