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for High Sierra how install NinJump.Deluxe.v.1.1.0.zip


Backflip Studios
NinJump Deluxe
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☆ NinJump Deluxe vers 1.1.0

NinJump Deluxe...Now you can play the wildly popular iPhone and iPad game, NINJUMP DELUXE, on your Mac! This new version adds two new levels, along with the original, to extend your ninja climbing fun and to further test your dexterity. Along with the classic NINJUMP level, new Pirate and Jungle levels have been added to create a a whole new NINJUMP experience. It is still a fast paced ninja climbing game, where your goal is to rise as high as you possibly can. But, this time you will be avoiding new, more treacherous enemies such as: angry beetles, wacky snakes, evil witch doctors, funky monkeys, mad hornets, bee hives, ninja pirates, cannon balls, peeved parrots and enraged sea monsters. Our goal is to continue to consistently release new levels for this game, so this is only the beginning. Features include: - Simple single-tap gameplay - Ninjas - Beautiful enhanced graphics - Witch Doctors - Awesome bonuses - Sea Monsters - Original sound and music - Ninja Pirates - Ninja Pirate Parrots - Tropical Snakes - Monkeys throwing bee-hives - Giant Beetles

MacBook Pro ow5pg.vers.2.1.0.NinJump.Deluxe.tar.gz | 40156 kb |
Best to MacBook Pro y6kCa.NinJump.Deluxe.vers.1.1.2.dmg | 48561 kb |
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Backflip Studios
Official site: http://www.backflipstudios.com/

Recomended! version DJ0n-2.5.0-Music-Assistant.tar.gz [1699 kb] 2.4.0
MacBook Pro Osmos.version.1.8.3.RUH5.pkg [21073 kb] 1.10.1
Recomended! version 6UHTWN_INSTAVIEW_VERS.1.1.4.PKG [3280 kb] 1.2.4

(37355 KB) Get NinJump Deluxe 1.1.3 DPeWr 3.1.0 Version Sierra
May 25 - May 25, 2023
[ Mon ] - [ Thu ]
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM JST
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for High Sierra how install NinJump.Deluxe.v.1.1.0.zip
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