令和酒スパークリング純米酒リリースパーティ/ Pink Ribbon Reiwashu Sparkling Sake Official Launch Charity Party

チケットを入手してイベントに参加しよう!(English follows Japanese)

小さな酒蔵を支援するサケ・ラバーズ株式会社はこのたび自社ブランド 令和酒スパークリング純米酒を発表しました。


Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/12wqnmeCwgyWF3cz7
当日来たいけど予定が入っていて来れない方、サポーターパッケージもございます。令和酒大1本もしくは令和酒 小2本、送料、寄付で3000円のパッケージです。令和酒大2本6000円パッケージもございます。よろしくお願いいたします。


Enthronement Day of the New Emperor, Pink Ribbon Reiwashu Sparkling Sake Official Launch Charity Party!
Please join us to celebrate the Enthronement Day and the official launch of the Pink Ribbon Reiwashu Sparkling Sake on 1st May 2019, the beginning of the new Reiwa era!

Sake Lovers Inc was founded last year to help and support the small craft sake breweries across Japan.
The 108 year-old Kamigokoro Shuzo, maker of Reiwashu, is one of such sake breweries strengthened by this mission.
We want to share the good cause and celebrate this special moment with you through this special charity party.
Julia Marino, our label designer, a breast cancer survivor, wishes to promote the well-being and livelihood of women through the power of food, sake and story.
Every woman, whether mother, life partner, daughter or friend, faces the risk of breast cancer. To help spread awareness and support research, we will donate part of our proceeds to the Japan Cancer Association’s Pink Ribbon campaign.
We hope to lift up women in Japan so they can sparkle and flourish in the new era! The party will be held at an exclusive private venue in Tokyo Midtown and Reiwashu Sparkling Sake will be served with finger food for your drinking pleasure.
During the party, there will be special lucky draw and every guest will also be bringing home a small bottle of Reiwashu as souvenir.
As there is capacity limitation, please kindly sign up early and make payment by 29th April.
We will notify the attending guests with more details and exact venue before the event. Map link here: https://goo.gl/maps/12wqnmeCwgyWF3cz7
If you are coming to the event and wish to purchase additional Reiwashu, please email nagano@sakelovers.jp separately.

For those who are unable to join us for the special charity party and want to support us, please kindly sign up for the supporter sets. Each set includes delivery cost and donation to Pink Ribbon.

Supporter Set 1 3000yen, includes 1 large bottle of Reiwashu
Supporter Set 2 3000yen, includes 2 small bottles of Reiwashu
Supporter Set 3 6000yen, includes 2 large bottles of Reiwashu

Please include your information in the attached form.

We have official Reiwashu website in English below. If you want to just purchase Reiwashu in a case (12 bottles) or more, please go to our website to do so.
Reiwashu English site

Metropolis cover story - launch of Reiwashu sparkling sake is here Metropolis cover story

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you.

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Wed May 1, 2019
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM JST
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パーティ参加券(Party ticket including Reiwashu, food, souvenier & more..!) SOLD OUT ¥6,500
欠席者サポーターセット1(令和酒大瓶1本、送料、寄付込み)Supporter Set 1 includes 1 large bottle of Reiwashu, delivery cost and donation to Pink Ribbon) SOLD OUT ¥3,000
欠席者サポーターセット2(令和酒小瓶2本、送料、寄付込み)Supporter Set 2 includes 2 small bottles of Reiwashu, delivery cost and donation to Pink Ribbon) SOLD OUT ¥3,000
欠席者サポーターセット3(令和酒大瓶 2本、送料、寄付込み)Supporter Set 3 includes 2 large bottles of Reiwashu, delivery cost and donation to Pink Ribbon) SOLD OUT ¥6,000
Venue Address
港区赤坂9丁目7−1 Japan