Singapore 2014 Connected Lab

Be first in Singapore to get your hands on an instant Internet-of-Things development kit, for free!

Tiny-Mesh IoT Lab

Organised by Innovation Norway and JFDI.Asia


Singapore is a great place to look for the next revolutionary ideas for the world of connected devices. Its limited size, dense population and scarce natural resources mean that, today, it faces both the opportunities and the challenges that the rest of the world will encounter tomorrow.

Tiny Mesh is a Norwegian company that has developed a rapid-start prototyping solution for the Internet of Things. Its mesh networking modules take away the hassles of connectivity, even where there's no internet, allowing developers to rapidly plug in hardware and interact with it over the web through straightforward APIs. The result: instant, painless connected things.

On Saturday 29th of November 2014, starting for 9am and over the weekend, Tiny Mesh will make ten development kits available exclusively to invited guests over the weekend, to explore how we can use a novel combination of people, hardware, and software to improve life in Singapore.

Why me?

You're invited to this event because we respect your skills as a hacker, maker, software engineer, hardware geek, architect, web-designer, or entrepreneur. Whether you're into IoT, automation, entertainment, breaking things, fixing things, or simply curious we would love to see you at HackerspaceSG.

Some sensible use cases that have already been explored:

  • Smart metering for water, gas and electricity
  • Sensor networks collecting data for indoor climate, car pollution, water levels, and a million other things worth monitoring
  • Adding intelligence to existing devices (ie. street lights)
  • Security systems (door locks, alarms, motion sensors)
  • Home and building automation
Some not so sensible use cases that may or may not be worth exploring:
  • Mesh network connected decorative pet collars
  • Self organizing networked lighting displays for stunt kites
  • Geekdar to find interface with friends you don't yet know
  • Self-organizing drones

What you need to participate:

Yourself. A laptop. Anything you want to bring to the party.

We will support you with connectivity hardware, drinks, and awesome stories for the entire weekend as long as you bring great ideas + whatever sensors/robotics/switches/other electronics you need to make it a reality!

Check these links for more info:

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Nov 29 - Nov 30, 2014
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM SGT
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