KICKSTART feat. Anne Cheng

Founder of Start Up Nation
Ha, so we did say we’re gonna get two Singaporeans back-to-back, and here you have it! Anne Cheng from SUN Ventures and Startup Nation, or just like how she likes to refer herself as - the Shady Investor.

True enough, in my many encounters with Anne, I have to admit she is mysterious, and I don’t mean in an angelina-jolie-scar-jo way (we weren’t that close yet). Mysterious because there’s hardly anything about her on Google, and her Startup Grind Singapore video didn’t tell much (literally, coz the audio quality was kinda bad. Here’s the link). I mean, for once, there’s so lack of info I didn’t know what to write about!

But over a FB interview last week, I got the know Anne a lot more. Starting her first business with $7k and selling it for a whopping $10 mil, mentoring over 70 startups in Asia and Europe and having international working experience, she’s quite the startup artist. And to think she did it all with a lean, mean team with an mobile app! Walau!

Plus, we’re gonna make this KICKSTART special. No, Jikey and I ain’t gonna come up in badass santa and cheapo-cum-cute elf costume. We’re tweaking the format a little in line with our launch of an online talk show platform in 2015. Stay tune on that launch!

So come join Anne as we wrap up a KICKASS 2014! Grab your seats now!
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Thu Dec 18, 2014
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM MYT
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