Mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome Artist Talk

22 Nov 2014 (Sat), 230pm - 4pm

Artist Talk by Chung Siong Hua, Ly Yeow & Lillian Wang

Date: 22 Nov 2014 (Sat)

Time: 230pm - 4pm

Admission: Free (please pre-register by emailing to info@objectifs.com.sg with the number of seats needed)


Celebrating the awesomeness of mongrels, Mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome is an exhibition featuring works by photographers Elke Vogelsang, Ernest Goh and Siong Chung Hua, and illustrators/painters Ly Yeow, Namiko Chan Takahashi and Lili Chin.

This is the third exhibition organised by Three Legs Good, a registered charity working to give injured and disabled dogs a second chance at life, and to raise awareness of the joys of adopting a mongrel. The first two exhibitions held in July 2012 and July 2013 were very well-received and well-attended by members of the public.

Mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome aims to raise the profile of mongrels, or mixed breed dogs, by showcasing their unique, beautiful and varied heritage through works of art in different media. In tandem with the exhibition, there will be a social media campaign on Instagram where the public is invited to post photos of their mongrels with the hashtag #mongrelsareawesome. The best photos will be selected and featured during the exhibition!

About the speakers:

Siong Chung Hua

Chung Hua wishes she could be a canine for a day. To run around in gleeful abandonment; to live in the moment; to not have a care in the world. But since she can’t do that, the closest was to trade in her advertising shoes, in exchange to be a Fine Arts student at the LASALLE College of the Arts.

Ly Yeow

Ly Yeow is a jewellery and textile major from The College of Fine Arts (UNSW), Sydney. Her foray into drawing began with an unsettling urge to confess to a boy who loved cats and had her first solo exhibition in 2014.

Lillian Wang

Lillian adopted a 3-legged dog thinking that he wouldn’t run around so much. She was wrong. This dog also inspired her to establish the charity Three Legs Good with a small group of like-minded friends. The mission of Three Legs Good is to help injured and disabled dogs get a second chance at life, and to encourage and promote the adoption of mongrels.

Sat Nov 22, 2014
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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56A Arab Street Singapore