8x8 LED Matrix Pong on Arduino

Parents won't stop you from playing games that you build yourself
Put together a tiny version of the classic 1972 arcade game Pong using the Arduino and an 8x8 LED Matrix.


The workshop assumes no prior knowledge, though it will be a little more challenging if you don't already have some experience programming or with breadboarding LEDs. We'll guide you along as you put together the code and circuit. Suitable for anyone aged 13 to 23. We offer differentiated tracks so more advanced participants don't get bored while newbies still have fun.

Here's what you get

  • 3 hours of fun!
  • 8x8 Red/Green LED Matrix: 64 bi-color LEDs neatly arranged in a plastic block that can be controlled with just 24 pins
  • 74HC154 Shift Register: the magic behind how to control 24 pins when the Arduino has only 13 outputs
  • Potentiometers: what we'll use to control the Pong "paddles"
  • Passive buzzer: it's not a classic arcade game if it doesn't beep
  • A whole bunch of wires

What to bring

  • Laptop, preferably with the Arduino IDE (Windows, Mac) installed
  • Arduino or compatible, with USB cable
  • Full-sized breadboard
  • [OPTIONAL] Wire cutters, if you have any handy

If you don't already have your own Arduino and breadboard, you can purchase them from us together with your ticket. We don't carry the official Arduino, but prefer the Freaduino UNO, which has additional features that make it more useful for beginners and hobbyists. The breadboard we carry is a transparent full-sized breadboard that not only looks good, but also helps beginners see what's going on inside.

(we didn't make this video, but it's pretty much what you'd expect to create at the end of this workshop)

Wed Nov 19, 2014
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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IDA Labs@NDC Level 3
Standard (no Arduino) SOLD OUT $40.00
w/ Freaduino & Breadboard SOLD OUT $77.00
Venue Address
111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969 Singapore
IDA Labs@NDC is in the National Design Centre, across the road from the National Library Building. After you enter, work your way to the "Kapok" store at the back of the building and take the elevator behind the store to find us on level 3.