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Christmas - the time for families to get together, joyful moments with children laughing, decorating trees, opening presents… and it's also the time for love and giving.

What a great way to celebrate Christmas by offering the families in Tohoku the chance to get together and have a moment of joy after all they had to go through!

OGA for Aid organizes a very special Christmas party in Minamisanriku every year to bring the families of those affected by the tsunami together. Minamisanriku survivors and OGA for Aid volunteers need your help to raise money and presents— we are all working together to bring Santa to the children of Tohoku.

This event is carried on year after year to bring a reminder to the survivors that they are not alone and they are not forgotten.

Donations from you will go directly to these 500 families including 260 children. 400 survivors will be present in Minamisanriku for the celebration on December 13th 2014. We need your help to give them:

  • An event with music, dancing, heartwarming laughter, new friends and GOOD food.
  • Smiles for all and for the children - Santa’s presents!!
  • Turkey dinner, stuffing, sushi, salad, dessert bar, drink bar and goodie bags.
  • Continued building of camaraderie within the survivor communities of Tohoku.

This mission will give you the opportunity to change the lives of others, particularly children. The sense of joy, and satisfaction it brings to YOU and your children is more than money can buy.

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(Note: this is not the ticket for you to go to the Christmas party, but simple donation to the event.)

Mon Dec 1, 2014
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM JST
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