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A Night in the Museum

Creak, rattle, clank...

"Am I hearing something? This place is so creepy! Where am I now?"

It is nearly dark and you are locked in the museum all by yourself. The specimens of the mammals are staring at you from above and the mummies seem to have come alive!

"Where are my friends? I want to go home!"

Suddenly, you heard some noise coming from the corner of the wall. The noise seems to be getting louder and louder! Cold sweat rolls down your cheeks and you are shivering with fear.

“Where is this eerie sound coming from? What should I do now?”

Have you thought of an escape plan for yourself? Join our workshops this holiday and we will share with you how you can escape from this creepy and eerie museum!

See you there!

Wed Dec 17, 2014
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM SGT
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Innovation Lab,KidsSTOP
Workshop only ($43 + 7% GST) SOLD OUT $46.00
KidsSTOP + Workshop ($55 + 7% GST) SOLD OUT $58.85
Venue Address
KidsSTOP, Science Centre Singapore
Innovation Lab