LEGO Education WeDo

Drumming Monkey

John and his family were at the zoo collecting information and taking photos for his

science project. It was John’s second time visiting the zoo and he is very excited!

“Mum! There is a performance going on in 10 minutes time!” John exclaimed.

The family purchased their tickets and John rushed to get the best seat at the gallery to

view the animal parade. Being a passionate drummer, John was amazed by the monkey’s

performance and its ability to create different beats!

Back home, John took out his LEGO Education WeDo set and tried assembling a drumming

monkey. He followed the instructions closely and everything seems to be on track.

But… The pair of lever arms are not working! John tried to fix it but he broke down in

disappointment. Let’s help John to fix his drumming monkey! Shall we create an orchestra

of drumming monkeys?

Sat Nov 29, 2014
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM SGT
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Innovation Lab,KidsSTOP
Workshop only ($43 + 7% GST) SOLD OUT $46.00
KidsSTOP + Workshop ($55 + 7% GST) SOLD OUT $58.85
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KidsSTOP, Science Centre Singapore
Innovation Lab