4 STEPS to financial freedom, "The Lazy Property Millionaire" FREE seminar


People have been looking at property investment and probably thinking about how challenging and hard it can be. They would incorrectly think that:

  • Myth #1
    – “It requires too much money… I am not that wealthy, so I cannot get started…”
    That’s completely false. Some people mistakenly think that to get started in this business you have to have lots of starting capital and have a lot of money… That is not true. there are ways to get into this investment without all that. There are even ways to do it without mortgage.

  • Myth #2
    - “Property investment is about shrewd business people with great connections so as to find out about all the great opportunities before everybody else… I don’t know anyone in the industry…”

    Absolutely not. Great opportunities are abundant and come up every day, and you don’t always need special relationships to have access to them. Learning the right tools, you not only learn how to spot them, but can learn how to become an OPPORTUNITY MAGNET, and make them come to you on their own.

  • Myth #3
    – “Property investment is for those who have the time to run around to manage their properties and chase tenants, I have to focus on my career and invest in something that’s less of a hassle…”

    That’s definitely not the case, you can do this in a way where you are just using some spare time, or you can systematize it in a way where you are completely NOT INVOLVED… where everything gets done for you. You will have all the free time left over to spend with your family, continue your career, run your other businesses, or focus on achieving your life goals and pursing true happiness.

  • Myth #4
    – “I don’t know the first thing about choosing, buying, managing or renting property. I will need YEARS of trial and error before I start getting it right and I will probably lose a lot of money…”
    Well that stops right here. Right now you can learn everything you need to know about getting more and more properties safely, easily, and start building a true future of complete financial freedom… A future where you can quit your job, travel the World, take care of all your loved ones, and have complete abundance that enriches your life day after day.

Reality is that today it is easier than ever to be a property investor, to join a new breed of relaxed part time entrepreneurs who slowly and surely are building massive fortunes and wealth out of property deals.

Reality is they don't need a lot of money (actually can start with none!), and they don't need a lot of time and effort to succeed. They only need to learn what needs to be done and have the courage to take action.

This is the age of the Propertypreneur, or a property entreprenur who develops a income generating streams out of property.

That doesn't happen though by accident, it happens by attracting opportunities, and then adding value.

When you attend our free seminar… this is some of what you’re going to learn:

  • The four easy steps of Assess, Acquire, Amplify and Accumulate that allows regular people to select, buy, and make money out of property like big time Millionaires- This is a proprietary system that no one else is teaching, and it will allow you to become a true powerhouse property investor

  • The exact tools (that work in Malaysia) that allows you to get property worth more than 1 million ringgits within 12 months, with No Money Down AND even No Mortgage. You don’t stop there but that is exactly how you get started building a fortune.

  • The workings of Lease-to-Let and Lease-Options – this little known information will revolutionize how you invest

  • The RIGHT way to get a proper return on your property with our “Value Added” strategy – never settle again for the industry average return of 4% or less in Malaysia. With this strategy you’ll be getting returns of 7% – 9% or even more.

  • How to get millions in finance, manage your increasing portfolio, and protect yourself from overgearing This is how you will grow safely through the 3 Investor Stages

Sam Helmy is a leading Property Entrepreneur and consultant working throughout the UK, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur. He will be personally introducing you to this mechanism of property investment that will open the flood gates of prosperity for you and enable you to become who you actually are.

You will finish this class knowing how to buy and own properties the smart way...

How to turn those properties into money making machines, gaining positive net income even in a slow economy...

How to amplify and add value to property in ways you never thought possible...

How to manage property effectively and efficiently, get more reliable tenants and better rental return, leaving no money on the table...

How to safely LEVERAGE and CONTROL your finances, from nothing more than your normal salary income to managing multi-million dollars in financed property.

Whether you are currently working in a full-time job or running a small business… whether you are a doctor, engineer, accountant, housewife… if you aspire to reach for and win your financial freedom … You don’t want to miss this content-rich seminar.

Sam will be sharing everything you need to learn about the system for 3 hours.

Limited free seats are available though, so enter your details below and register right now before they get taken up.

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