KICKSTART feat. Mike Smith

Founder of 1337 Accelerator, MVP Startup Expert

Incubator lar, demo day lar, cohort-based programs lar… with all this terms going around, it’s tough keeping up as a next-gen entrepreneur. And now, there are accelerators. WTF is that?

Well, to clear the smoke and mist and shine some bright lights on the matter, we’re hosting Mike Smith for October’s KICKSTART. But there is a few things you need to know about this guy.
  1. His real name is not Mike Smith. Come on lar, he’s a Malaysian Indian who eats at mamaks and roams pasar malams.
  2. Talk about roaming, legend is this guy knows how to accelerate a car too.
  3. Founded iTrain, South East Asia’s no. 1 IT Training Center
  4. Founder and the main guy at 1337 Accelerator.
Now if you had tuned in a bit lately, 1337 Accelerator (pronounced LEET) is THE buzz in the media these few days. The accelerator concept is not new. Look at the states and you’ll find Y Combinators and Techstars. It’s basically a rojak of sorts with seed funding, mentoring, tight deadlines and you ‘graduate’ with a demo day - where you showcase your polished idea or MVP to a penal of investors.

Join Mike Smith aka Bikesh as we find out the best learnings from accelerators that we can apply in our own startups and business, how we all can be part of 1337’s programs, and why he is called Mike Smith.

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Maverick Foo
Co-Founder | Events Wizard

Wed Oct 8, 2014
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM MYT
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