PIC 2014 Last Call

Join us for an afternoon of sharing about the various productivity enhancers, and the ways you can tap on government grants to take your business to greater heights.

Speaker 1: Eric Chia (Director, Launchstars)
CRM that empowers your sales team
Traditional CRM tools are complex, and are designed for managers to monitor sales people, often requiring them to do a ton of data entry. Launchstars provides a solution that helps your sales team deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, all designed with the end user in mind.

Speaker 2: Arun Devan (Managing Director, Blue Ocean Systems)
The System that Supports Growth
Companies often encounter a roadblock when they expand. The current systems are not capable of supporting this growth and information is not available in a timely manner. Precious time is wasted digging through old records and reconciling data. Blue Ocean Systems offers SAP ERP, which is a single source for all your business information needs. Best run businesses run SAP.

Speaker 3: Steve Koh (General Manager, AGHRM)
People Behind it All
Companies and organisations are entirely reliant on their people. As such, a good Human Resource Management system is required to better manage your workforce. Gain access to Organisational Leave Charts, Self Service Payslips, Claims and Attendance Management to facilitate the management of a growing workforce.

Speaker 4: Nigel Tan (Project Manager, Venture Platform)
A Timely Boost
Companies are often affected by the costing of productivity enhancing projects. In line with the theme of raising the productivity of companies, to do more with less, various government bodies have a series of grants and tax incentives that can be used to facilitate the adoption of technology. Grow better and faster, with a timely boost from the grant givers.

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Tue Oct 28, 2014
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