BrooklynJS and Boroughgramming #12

The world's most popular programming language, in New York's most popular borough

On the third Thursday of every month, the local JavaScript community gets together for a day to hang out and talk shop.

The main event is BrooklynJS, which starts at 7pm and includes community-curated lightning talks with musical interludes. Admission is $15 and comes with a custom commemorative 3D-printed token of the event, which can optionally be redeemed for a craft beer, wine, or soda.

We also pre-game BrooklynJS with Boroughgramming, a day of local co-working starting at 10am. We'll bring food, Internet, power outlets, and a space to work in. You bring a laptop and something to work on. Even if you've got an office you normally go to, this is a good chance to spend a productive day working remotely with good food and folk. Admission is $30 and includes a ticket to BrooklynJS and a locally catered lunch from Brooklyn and beyond, including meats and cheeses from Brooklyn Cured and Saxelby Cheese, bread from Orwashers,pretzels from Sigmonds, and pickles from Brooklyn Brine. We'll also have a few urns of drip coffee from Oslo Coffee Roasters.

All proceeds (after bar, venue, and other costs) go ScriptEd. For details, check out our budget.

If you can't get a ticket for either, feel free to show up for beer.js downstairs around 9pm, when we all head down to hydrate.

If you would like to sponsor BrooklynJS, a $500 sponsor token will get two of your developers (no recruiters, please) into the event, a place to put your shwag, and a minute to introduce yourself to the audience. Please contact us here before buying, as we're very picky about who we let in, and want to make sure there's a good fit with your company and our objectives as a community event. But with previous sponsors including GitHub, Etsy, and DigitalOcean, you'd be in good company.

For details, head to http://brooklynjs.com. Or find us on Twitter at @brooklyn_js.

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Thu Oct 16, 2014
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST
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