Design Your Career Destiny Workshop

Discover Your Career Destiny


Discover Your Career Destiny

Feeling STUCK at WORK?

Accelerate your career success and create the life you want!

stress faceDid You Know

That only 9% of Singaporeans are engaged in their careers? (Gallup Poll 2013)

Do You Belong

To the majority of Singaporeans who are not enthusiastic about their jobs?

Do You Want

to create a fulfilling and successful career for you and your family?chart

“ If you’re going to spend 1/3 of your life working, you’ll want to make sure it’s worth it.”


  • Are you in this current industry simply because you were trained in this area when you were younger?

  • Are you content to watch your peers zoom past ahead of you in their careers?

  • Are you tired of progressing at turtle-speed in your career?

  • Do you struggle to find meaning and satisfaction at work?

  • Do you want a career breakthrough?

Have you given serious thought on the career path you have chosen?

The Key Question Is

“How long will you be stuck and unhappy with your unfulfilling job?”

Think About It

If you are an undergraduate…

You need to make a decision. Fast. You have to decide if you want to ‘try’ out a career path and risk spending a few years going round in circles finding a job that suits you, or stand firm and chart a direction for your career now.

If you are a working adult…

You have probably worked for a few years after your graduation. Are you still looking around and hoping to land in a job that you will be passionate about? How many more years are you going to continue to waste and go round in circles?

.Regardless of which age group you are in, be TRUTHFUL to yourself…

Do you just want to be controlled or be in control of your destiny?I feel your pain, I feel your struggle, I feel your confusion, I was once in your position. Make the best choice now rather than to be sucked into routines and only to regret years later!


Discover Your Career Destiny is an impactful 2-hour interactive workshop that is designed especially for you to illustrate the importance of career success planning and how you can use simple, yet powerful strategies and technologies to accelerate your career success in the 21st Century.Discover what you truly want out of your career, and how you can best reach your goals by understanding the principles of career success and information that can change your life.

Gain the UNFAIR Advantage in your Career Destiny Now!

  • Gain clarity of your current career situation & empower yourself for greater change and success
  • Understand the importance of positioning yourself in the right career & industry for high-speed growth
  • Understand yourself by using the latest technology to create new results in your career
  • Get REAL tips to boost your income in 6 months
  • Value-add yourself tremendously to create huge advancement opportunities
  • 4 powerful questions that can shift your mind completely & create lasting change in your life!
  • Lastly, take control of your life and march forth into the direction of your dreams!

STOP sitting on the pain, ACT now to get the right SOLUTION for yourself!

Please bring along your namecards, writing material, a great learning attitude and a big smile! Dress code: Smart Casual.

See you there!

Thu Sep 18, 2014
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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CT Hub
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Venue Address
2 Kallang Avenue, CT Hub, Singapore 339407 Singapore
5 min bus journey (13, 133) from Lavendar MRT station
Vinco Global