★ Tokyo Pub Crawl HALLOWEEN Party ★ COSTUME BASH!!! (FRI)

Bar tour in Tokyo

Welcome to the Friday Night Tokyo Pub Crawl!

Meeting Spot

It's the Friday TPC Halloween Bash!!!

We are thrilled to announce our biggest and craziest pub crawl of the year - the Halloween Costume Party!!! Last year we had over 250 happy, energetic, friendly, and crazy pub crawlers, and this year we're expecting more (so book early!). Get ready for a one of a kind night you won't forget.

For more info, please see "What to Expect" below.

This year, we're going to have even more prizes, free drinks, drink discounts, games, and activities. We are trying to keep the ticket cost low, while making sure each attendee gets MORE THAN their money's worth.

We've also hired a professional body & face painter for everyone to help spruce up your costume!!

***LIMITED Pre-sale tickets are available NOW for 33% off. Once all of these tickets are sold, the price will go up.

Dress Code (optional)
It's Halloween weekend!! Wear a costume, silly. Many prizes will be awarded for best costumes in several categories.

What to Expect
First, it's a "group bar tour". We will meet at one bar, and after about an hour, we will all move to another bar. Changing scenery keeps things fresh.

Second, its a Halloween party. Costumes galore. Everyone letting lose. Dancing. Drinking. Socializing.

Third, its an international party. Half of the guests will be from Japan, and the other half will be from all over the world.

Fourth, it's going to be relatively cheap. Tokyo and Roppongi can be expensive, especially in terms of nightlife. Luckily, we've arranged for steep drink discounts, free shots, and no cover charges. Easy on the wallet!

Fifth, its going to be BUSY. Halloween is the most popular time of the year to go out and party. The bar will be busy, the street will be busy, the train will be busy. But everyone is happy and having a good time.


Visit 3 bars together, finishing at a club. Free shots, drink discounts, and a whole bunch of friendly drunk people having fun.

Japanese, non-Japanese, travelers, expats, students and professionals are all welcome.

Coming alone? Don't worry. Many people come alone, so we mix the group and have fun together. Groups are welcome, too.

Let us know your special requests such as birthdays, shout-outs, special occasions, anniversaries, etc. Let's celebrate!

Doors open from7:30pm. If you're late, no problem. More info below!





✔ We will visit 3 bars/clubs in one night
✔ Make some friends and have a chat
✔ See some great bars in Tokyo
✔ Free shots, drinks giveaways, and discounts


---✄--- Check out this article in the Japan Times! ---✄---


Fri Oct 31, 2014
7:30 PM - 11:45 PM JST
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EARLY BIRD Guys / 男性 SOLD OUT ¥2,000
EARLY BIRD Girls / 女性 SOLD OUT ¥1,500
EARLY BIRD Guys / 男性 - 2 days (FRI & SAT) 両方 SOLD OUT ¥3,500
EARLY BIRD Girls / 男性 - 2 days (FRI & SAT) 両方 SOLD OUT ¥2,000
Guys / 男性 - 2 days (FRI & SAT) 両方 SOLD OUT ¥4,500
Girls / 男性 - 2 days (FRI & SAT) 両方 SOLD OUT ¥3,000
Guys / 男性 SOLD OUT ¥2,700
Girls / 女性 SOLD OUT ¥2,200
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東京都港区六本木3-15-23 Japan
Tokyo Pub Crawl 東京パブクロール国際交流パーティー