1Day Noodle Event in Singapore (Sept. 29th)

Find the sauces of your success here.

Get a strong sense of what it takes to build strong and sustainable businesses, based on delicious and freshly made noodles. And, learn and experience the secrets from a guru, and a noodle master, and experts on noodle restaurant businesses.

You can directly talk to them to gain insight and hints to build your own successful noodle businesses.

For the first time in Southeast Asian region, we are bringing one of the best events for noodle restaurants, those who are considering to start up some noodle business this year.

For 3 days from Sept. 29th to Oct. 1st, we are offering 1 day event where you can get the best insight into how to build successful noodle businesses in these fiercely competitive industries and for the future in this region.

So, we encourage you to take this rare opportunity to join us for this event (because we don't know when we do this again next time).

Ask your questions you'd been wondering to Kaoru Fujii, the principal of Yamato Noodle School on how to build successful noodle business in these competitive industries. He'll be there to answer your questions for the 1st time in Southeast Asia.

Secretive Noodle making sessions by Hiromi Matsubara, the noodle master and Chief Instructor of
Yamato Noodle School.

Taste the noodles freshly made on most advanced noodle making machines: You can get to try delicious noodles freshly made on noodle making machine at the location.

And, you can get to know and learn how these delicious noodles are made.

Talk directly to these professionals and ask them how you can build your own noodle business and lead existing one to a success.

We also have several books we use at our Yamato Noodle School, available for purchase. The newest issue is the book on ramen soup making that we use at our ramen school, which is fully booked until Feb. 2015.

We have run Yamato Noodle School (udon, ramen, and soba schools run individually) and taught more than 3,000 students over the past 10 years. Having worked each of the students, we have accumulated know-hows on overall operations, management, and creation of noodle restaurants, a variety of recipes, and insights into what makes noodle restaurant successful.

At this event, we are hoping to share some of what we teach at these schools to help you advance in developing strong and sustainable businesses that are based on delicious and freshly made noodles.

We are really looking forward to meeting you in person at this event.

Mon Sep 29, 2014
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM SGT
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regular ticket SOLD OUT $80.00
Venue Address
8 Jalan Kuras, Singapore 577725 Singapore
Yamato MFG Co., Ltd.