Friday Night "Animals" Pub Crawl


Welcome to the Friday Night Tokyo Pub Crawl!

** Please bring a VALID PHOTO ID to enter the club **

** Please bring a VALID PHOTO ID to enter the club **
** Please bring a VALID PHOTO ID to enter the club **
** Please bring a VALID PHOTO ID to enter the club **

Most people come because they are interested in trying something new in Tokyo, looking to meet people, traveling around and don't know the area, and just want to have fun and party! Our only goal is to make sure everyone has a good time, and by the end of the evening they feel part of a big group of friends. Or they get really drunk. Or both.

We are trying something new with this party. Time to get the beast of of you to come out and party with us!!! COME ON PARTY ANIMALS!! Just like it sounds! Dress up like an animal and watch the magic happen.

BIG BONUS: We are hiring professional body painters to come in and help us transform into our beastly counterparts.

Dress Code (optional)
Anything you have that represents and animals, T-shirts costumes, animals ears, masks, etc.
We will have a body painting artist that night. So make sure to leave some open skin!!!


Visit 3 bars together, finishing at a club. Free shots, drink discounts, and a whole bunch of friendly drunk people having fun.

Japanese, non-Japanese, travelers, expats, students and professionals are all welcome.

Coming alone? Don't worry. Many people come alone, so we mix the group and have fun together. Groups are welcome, too.

Let us know your special requests such as birthdays, shout-outs, special occasions, anniversaries, etc. Let's celebrate!

Doors open from 7:30pm. If you're late, no problem. More info below!





✔ We will visit 4 bars/clubs in one night
✔ Make some friends and have a chat
✔ See some great bars in Tokyo
✔ Free shots, drinks giveaways, and discounts


---✄--- Check out this article in the Japan Times! ---✄---


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Fri Oct 3, 2014
7:30 PM - 11:45 PM JST
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