Philosophy of Success



What are the philosophies of success? Why are these philosophies important? How do these philosophies guide you to your success in life?

About the Speaker

Mr Philip Cheung has been using these philosophies to help himself and many others achieve success in life for the past 20 over years. He has been travelling around the world across different continent, countries and cities teaching these philosophies, finally he is coming to SINGAPORE! For 1 day only, you can catch him and learn all the important applications from the man himself! Seats are limited! No more extension as he is only here for a day!

Who Should Attend this event?

Students, employees, parents, professionals. Basically anyone who is seeking success in life!

What You will GAIN after attending the event

1. Learn how to ENFORCE Your Will Power - essential factor for success in life

2. Learn how to think positively in all circumstances (sounds easy but with the challenges in life, easier said than done)

3. Apply Law of Attraction in Life

4. Visualise Your Success before you are Successful

5. Learn how to set goals and achieve these goals

6. Learn how to be a Type 5!

Sat Sep 20, 2014
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM SGT
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MDIS Stirling Road
Standard SOLD OUT $28.00
Venue Address
501 Stirling Road Auditorium Level 2 Singapore
Cassandra Lee