Find The Right Business Phone Systems For Your Company


Business phone system is available in different configurations that have a range of features & benefits.

The most advanced one run on the IP network – the same network where many small business can connect employees, device and information resource. But how to find the right one for your company and what is the best way to deploy them? There are different things to be considered when evaluating & implementing a new business phone system. Firstly, understand what the user needs. Having the right system can give the people the tools they need to be efficient. Decide whether the workforce needs access to rich media conferencing tool or the workers need 1 number that simultaneously rings on other devices. It is important to know which tool the workforce needs, so you can choose among different systems available. Among the features & capabilities to consider are automated attendant, videoconferencing, paging & intercom, mobile softphone and presence technology. Presence technology is the ability to identify quickly who within the organization is available and the best way to reach them. Secondly, a new small system can help the employees perform things that were not possible before and this can change the way you conduct the business transactions. For instance, using the wireless IP phone, the sales floor staff can check if the item is in stock in the warehouse without having to leave the customer aside.

What is included in the business phone system?

The business phone system includes on hold marketing. Did you ever know that more than 30% of the people who are placed on hold for two minutes would hang up and not return the call. This represents the sizable amount of business to lose potentially. This is where on hold marketing comes. This allows the company to reduce caller waiting time & provide a positive marketing message about the company. Secondly, office phone system has the call recording option. This is used to verify the orders, settle the customer dispute & also enhance the employee performance. The calls are stored digitally using minimum disk space. Thirdly, a new concept has been introduced known as computer telephony integration. By now all of us are familiar with the caller ID display to see the phone number and the name, But CTI takes the concept further. This works with the database so when the customer calls, their record from the CRM system displays. If they are not yet the customer, you can see Google information on them.

Is it a VoIP system?

The business phone system makes use of a hybrid system. This means when making the business calls, it travels externally over the PSTN network and internally it is a VoIP pbx system.

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