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This is a private network of telephone that is used within the business.

PBX is known as private branch exchange. This is a private telephone network that is used within the company. PBX phone system users share the outside lines for making all external calls. This connects the internal telephone within the business and also connects them to the PSTN known as public switched telephone network and VoIP providers. One of the tendencies of PBX telephone system is the VoIP PBX. This uses the internet protocol to transmit the calls. There are 4 different private branch exchange telephone systems. They are Virtual/hosted IP private branch exchange, IP Private Branch exchange, Hosted/Virtual private branch exchange and lastly it is the private branch exchange.

How does a IP phone system work?

IP in the telephone system refers to VoIP or the telephone calls can be routed over the internet or the LAN. This is good for many reasons. Firstly, there is no need to use the telephone network of the telephony service provider to make the calls. This can reduce the cost for all telephone calls. Also, you are getting many technical benefits of using IP technology. The users of VoIP system plug their IP telephone into the LAN port. Then the IP telephone registers the VoIP phone system. IP Phone will always keep the number and behaves the same way, no matter where it is been plugged. This is widely used by ISP, VoIP phone system and VoIP world-wide. This makes expensive telephone obsolete and makes all the devices to talk to each other. IP telephone system is built on the standard PC which is cost-effective & more powerful when compared to the traditional telephone. At the same time, they are also more scalable and are not limited to number of physical telephone ports. This means there is no need to replace the office phone system when the company grows.

How to do call recording with IP PBX?

Call recording is considered to be a valuable tool for many institutions and companies, especially when trying to improve the performance of the customer facing staffs. This can be used for all training purpose, quality assurance and customer satisfaction monitoring to satisfy all legal requirements. Doing this way, it is not just the call centers are benefitted from call recording but also benefits the financial & legal services as well as the educational & government institution. Using Askozia PBX systems, all the calls can be recorded automatically. Automatic recording is enabled on all the internal and external calls for all extensions or for just selected extensions.

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