ONEWorld Summit San Francisco

ONEWorld Summit is global experience bringing together young social change makers from all around the world to connect and discuss how we, as the new generation, can work together as ONE to create a better human existence for all. The San Francisco edition will be taking an innovative approach and will be broadcasting the entire experience live for anyone, anywhere, to participate as we do.

Tickets for the live in venue audience will be released on a donation basis, from which all revenue generated from the tickets goes back into creating the experience. Every dollar you give allows us to inspire more change-makers, educate more leaders, and empower more revolutionaries.

At this point in time, we do not have much for the $50 ticket other than a gigantic hug and thank you. It cost a good amount of money for us to produce an experience of this scale, and we could not do it without the support of our community. We give the choice of a $50 dollar ticket for those that have the ability to give that amount to the production of the OWS San Francisco experience and beyond. All funding received goes back into creating the experience (venue, food, non-alchoholic drinks, etc.).

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Doors open at 9:30 am and programming goes from 10:20am - 6:00pm.

“Introduction to OWS San Francisco” – Ric Victores
Ric welcomes us to ONEWorld Summit San Francisco, and we hear from a very special guest.

Syncronicity and the Universal Beginning” – Maya Zuckerman

From the big bang we have been shown that we are part of one single thing - the singularity at the beginning of our universe. Our world is changing and with it our cultural narrative. Maya discusses some simple steps we can take while building our new communities and co-creating a new culture, narrative and world together that comes back to that forming experience within our DNA code

“Meditation: The Process, The Benefits” + Guided Meditation – Janardhan Chodagam

The practice of mediation has been around since the beginning of time. It can be a tool to find ones most inner self. Janardhan Chodagam of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization gives an overview of what meditation is and how it can benefit the human soul. After, Janardhan will then guide us into a 30 minute meditation.

Declaration of Interdependence” – Phill III Sophical

Whether we like it or not We are all interdependent upon each other. A global society is inevitable due to the current technology, but how should we organize our global society? "A Declaration of Interdependence" focuses on the implications of interdependence, and what we ought to do about such implications IF we have the goal of maximizing the wellbeing of all.

“Stop Waiting, Change the World” – Jak Gruenberg

The landscape of business needs reform: political, social, and ethical. We have more connectivity tools than ever, and more and more young entrepreneurs are using them to do good. This talk aims to dispel the myth of the lone entrepreneur and replace it with the inspirational example of resourceful and, shockingly ordinary, social entrepreneurs. Nothing in this world will change on its own. With information, cooperation, and hard-work we can innovate the change we want to see.

“Keynote: Evan Bailyn, CEO, First Page Sage

We hear Evan Bailyn speak on his life and how he got to where he is, a place where he is doing everything he has ever wanted to do. Then Ric Victores will go on stage and interview Evan, discussing some tips for the youth of the world to get to a place of personal freedom both in business and in everyday life.

“Human Centered Design” – Kavi Reddy

The value of empathy and learning to connect with people to be able to understand their problems and work together to build solutions that make the world a better place.

“Digital Networks + Alternative Economies” – David Casey

David will discuss digital networks and alternative economies in the age of the internet. He will discuss gift exchange networks like couchsurfing, wwoof, vipassana, and what It takes to “hack the system”.

“Soul Mind Vibe Café: The Infinite Journey” – Jorrel Batac

The infinite journey of the Soul Mind Vibe Café’s fruition from the roots, to the vision of the future, the meaning behind the movement of the Pay-what-you-can model, and the vibes necessary to reconnect our communities.

“Youth, Waste Management, and the World” – Freddy Coronado, Cart O Grapher, Kirk Kunihiro

In this panel, these three gentlemen discuss our current global waste conundrum, how we as an Earth society have come to this, and what the youth can do now to save the World.

“The Secret to Oneness” – Karuna Patel

Health can have different meanings to each individual. It can come down to 3 areas: the physical body, energy levels, and the mind. What if we told you that one of these can effect the other two, that it can create a chain of reactions leading the way to success? When you are pain free, have good energy levels, and have a clear mind only then can you be present to work as a team in Oneness. What is the most effective solution? Love. Self-Love and compassion allows you to heal. Healing is relative. Sometimes you need to heal from a break up, and other times heal from sports injury. When you are strong and healthy in the mind, body and soul, you can show up as your Best to be compassionate and loving towards others. And when you show up as such, then you are able to work as a team, share ideas without fear, and cultivate Oneness. And One by One, this is how we change the world.

“Manifestation through Visualization” – Pharaoh Love

This Speech will cover the power we as humans have inside to visualize and manifest our lives. There are so many things that we can do, to change our lives, to receive the dreams we wish for. Asking, believing and receiving are just a few things we will cover. Pharaoh will discuss the pineal gland and what it does, creation of happiness and where it comes from, and what it takes to stay in a positive state of mind, body and soul.

For more information on ONEWorld Summit SF, please visitwww.oneworldsummitsf.com

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