Key Concepts of Hosted PBX


PBX solutions are the latest voice over IP technologies. This allows the business to have a telephone system without the need of any equipment.

One of the latest VOIP technologies is the hosted PBX. This allows small as well as medium sized business to have a telephone system without the need of investing in telephone equipment. In fact, the complete system will be operated & maintained by the voice over IP service provider. This will let the employee work from home or in a hotel while being connected to the same telephone system. In this it is also possible to transfer callers and put them on hold with music. You also can set up the conference calls and have the phone answered by the automated attendant who directs the callers to different departments. Some of the key concepts behind them are the telephone system will be operated or hosted by the service provider. It works with the existing telephone service or will completely replace them. It can also be used with mobile phone, landlines and VoIP PBX.

What are the benefits of Hosted PBX?

There are number of benefits of using hosted PBX v/s traditional telephone service or buying an office telephone. Firstly, it is the initial cost saving. There is no need to make an upfront investment when purchasing an office telephone and there is no need of maintenance. Having the above mentioned solution, the office telephone will be operated & maintained by the service provider. Secondly, the implementation of the above mentioned solution is more cost-effective when compared to other traditional solutions. These ongoing savings are additional initial savings in a long run. Thirdly, employees have the opportunity to work from anywhere when the office phone is virtual. The employees can work from other offices, work from home and also can work overseas.

What are the other advantages you get?

PBX systems allow you to get the local virtual numbers in those cities where you are not located physically. This allows you to create a virtual presence or an open office in UK or New York. Also, for small business the virtual system can give them credibility by presenting the customers with a professional sounding solution. Traditional telephone lines are cost prohibitive for all smaller organizations. PBX phone system can run quickly when compared to other traditional telephone. Lastly, PBX systems are more user-friendly when compared to other traditional solutions. Intuitive web interface means anybody can manage, monitor and also make changes to the service at any point of time without the need of any specialized experience and skills.

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