Show Me Your Glory!

Heaven's Glory Revealed in Singapore

Witness the fruit of what the Holy Spirit is doing in the Revival Glory Ministry. There have been over 1,000 people sovereignly caught up to Heaven where they encounter Jesus face to face. Many healings and miracles take place in His presence. Deaf ears open, backs healed, eyes open, tumors healed, skin restored.

*No Registration fee. A freewill offering will be taken to defray expenses.

The Schedule

Sessions start at 930am on Friday and Saturday. Schedule breakdown:-

Children must be accompanied by adults. If you have a need of a miracle or a healing, come along and bring your friends and family for the Friday night session (7:30pm - 9:30pm) on the 12th of September which is open to all. .

Revival Glory Ministries and Team

Apostle/Pastor Judith Garden-Cawley and Prophet/Pastor Don Cawley ministers internationally, under a powerful atmosphere of an ‘open heaven’ where Heaven can invade Earth and many experience His Spirit in profound and special ways.

Although Ps Judith and Ps Don preach and teaches the Word, Ps Judith is best known for ushering people into the Glory Realms of the heavenly, demonstrating its reality,and facilitating people’s transition to live there.Many have experienced a new dimension in God or encountered the reality of God in the 3rd heaven.

Her heart is to see God’s people released and walking in the glory of God, see the advancement of His Kingdom, and the effective working of His power through the fullness of His Spirit. People enjoy Ps Judith's and Ps Don's contagiously deep love for the Lord and passionate vibrant Ministry.

What people say

"These meetings have changed our church" there is a new passion for Jesus and an excitement to share with others about Jesus and his love. They can't wait for the next meetings which are scheduled for a few weeks time."

"The saints in Psalm 145:11 speaking of the GLORY of His Kingdom and His power to make known to people everywhere the mysteries of the Kingdom... so that the bride can grow in the knowledge of Him and into the fullness of maturity."

"Ones like Pastor Judith who are called to search the scriptures with the Holy Spirit for hours a day to understand the glory to equip the sons and daughters of God and then be willing to travel and teach on these revelations are a HUGE blessing to the body of Christ. "

Pastor Judith ministering one on one

"Impressed how solid your revelations are and how safe your teaching is - grounded in the love of God and intimacy with Him and His heart."

"These two are the real deal. My family and I have personally been so blessed by their ministry and came into relationship with them through a supernatural act of God"

"Pastor Don and Pastor Judith have integrity and are doing the works of the Father when no one is looking. They are moved by His love for the people and have understanding of their inheritance. They are forerunners in every sense of the word and their message is for now."

Life-changing experiences

Kate, aged 10, had four brief visits to heaven. Kate saw the golden streets and golden mansions. She saw Jesus in a big white robe, covered with gold dust sitting on a big wide gold throne. He had a big book of people's names. He crossed out people's names as they asked Jesus to forgive their sins.

There were people all covered with black trying to get into heaven, but they were told "No", because they had not asked Jesus to forgive their sins. The people in heaven were all white because their sins were forgiven.

The second time Kate went to heaven, she bowed down. Later, she told her mother she was bowing to Jesus, She saw Jesus riding a white horse with gold dust on it. On the third visit, she saw Jesus healing everyone. Jesus knew Kate's name and she said he made her feel happy.Jesus told her to go back to earth and tell everyone that he loves them. A lady by the name of Joan said she felt complete love in heaven.

Amazing transformations

At the invitation of Pastor Herbie & Ann Munro, Judith Garden-Cawley ministered at the Rotorua CLC in meetings called "His glory is at hand" There was much anticipation from the Rotorua congregation No one was disappointed.

From the first night the Lord began to move in what can only be described as revival power. A number of children were caught into heavenly visitations for an hour and were crying as they were faced with Jesus face to face. This inspired a hunger in the heart of all at the meeting for more of Jesus.

Feedback to the Church the next day was amazing, one grandmother who hadn't been at the meetings phoned to say her granddaughter was so transformed she had never seen anything like it in all her years as a Christian.

Many of the kids began to minister to others toward the end of the night. over the next couple of nights many were caught into heavenly visitation. A number testified of seeing relatives who had gone before in their heavenly home. Jesus shared with many who went into heavenly visitation and as a result love and passion for Jesus was at a high level by the Sunday night meetings.

The young caught up to heaven for an hour

With some healing miracles!

There were many notable healing miracles the Holy Spirit moved among the people. these are some of the ones I have heard.

* A woman with Cancer given eight months to live had a tumor she could check and at the start of the meeting was the size of a baseball it went down to the size of a tennis ball, then a golf ball, then a marble and by the end of the night she testified that it had disappeared altogether. We await medical conformation but the outward signs are so amazing all glory to Jesus.

* Judith noticed a lady crying and asked what the problem was, she said her daughter had been born with one totally blind eye. Judith prayed and the girl began to shake her head around, what's wrong asked Judith, with tears in her eyes the girl said I can see! I can see! Jesus gave her a brand new eye, the people had witnessed a creative miracle.

* A lady who had experienced terrible constant head pain testified of being free

* A Man who had no ear drum also received a creative miracle and now can hear in his deaf ear.

* A lady who couldn't walk well because she became short of breath and also could not lift her arm up above her head ended up running and waving her arm above her head.

* A young man who has suffered with Epileptic fits was healed and set free in the meetings I spoke with him personally and he is very free. There were literally dozens of other healing, visions and visitations and I am sure as people testify we can write another report.

Glory Cloud appearing in one of the meetings

*No Registration fee, a freewill offering will be taken to defray expenses.

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Sep 12 - Sep 13, 2014
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