English RAKUGO by Dr. Kimie Oshima-Morning Session

世界を笑わす!大島希巳江先生の講演と英語落語  ”笑いが健康に良い!” “Laughter will keep maintain your health!”
先生の活躍の様子は、全国の中学校で採用されている文科省検定済教科書New Crownで取り上げられています。



Laugh & Peace! English Rakugo & Special lecture by Kimie Oshima

The stereotypical image for Japanese is unfortunately, “no sense of humor”. It must be changed! Dr. Oshima, who has been an active English Rakugo performer & producer for last eighteen years, making effort to deliver laughter and Japanese culture through Rakugo overseas. She has been to over twenty different countries for performance, and now she is coming to Singapore! She is also an active academic specialist of intercultural communication and humor studies (professor at Kanagawa University). Her work as both performer and academic is introduced in English text books called “New Crown” for Japanese junior high schools. Now that most of Japanese junior high school students study her work in Japan. She has written a book with Tatekawa Shinosuke on English Rakugo, performs Rakugo with Shumputei Shota on stage. Her skills of Rakugo have been passed on from those professional performers.
This time, in Singapore, she will perform some of Rakugo stories and short stories, and talks on some tips of functions of humor and laughter in communication.

Rakugo is the traditional Japanese art of comic storytelling or what Dr.Oshima calls “sit-down” comedy. The art form is more than 300 years old and provides a way to teach about Japanese culture and customs through humor. Dr.Oshima, who attended high school and college in Colorado state U.S A, is an accomplished artist with performances in Japan and around the world. She describes how she turns Japanese Rakugo into Rakugo in English as “remaking the stories into something that sounds interesting and funny in English. “ Knowledge or experience in the art form is not required to understand the performance.

Dates & Time: September 12, 2014
10:00 “Laughter will keep maintain your health!”
Tickets: $30
Both shows include English Rakugo

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Fri Sep 12, 2014
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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