Sake Matsuri 2018 Masterclass: Ishikawa Sake Brewery Spotlight


Sake Matsuri 2018 Masterclass Series

14:45 -- 15:30 Ishikawa Sake Brewery Spotlight: Kuze Brewery

Learn about the Ishikawa Prefecture as a sake producing region, and get to taste a selection of different sakes from the region. This will include sakes from Kuze Brewery, one of the oldest breweries in Ishikawa founded way back in 1786. This session will be led by Mr Yoshihiro Kuze and Francesca Chua.

Located on the Sea of Japan, Ishikawa is nice and cold — perfect for sake brewing. There are basically three regions in Ishikawa within which the sakagura are concentrated. Noto, on the peninsula of the same name, is home to perhaps half the kura, with almost as many in Kaga at the other end. The remaining few (five to be exact) are close to Kanazawa in the center.

The flavor profile of Ishikawa sake has done an about-face over the last few decades. In the mid-1970s, it was fairly heavy and sweet sake, full and complex, with a good dose of umami, the hard-to-describe goodness that is almost intuitively sensed. But since then, it has shifted greatly toward the drier side of things.

Of course, all sake in Japan has become much more dry throughout the years, but Ishikawa sake seems to have done so with a vengeance. However, it is far from excessively dry. Ishikawa sake is usually quite clean and crisp, fairly fragrant and light. And more than anything else, it has a deep and complex structure of flavors that is indeed distinctive and memorable.

As a general indicator of how good Ishikawa sake is, consider this: 80 percent of all sake brewed there is consumed within the prefecture. There are still many, many relatively unknown smaller kura making a perfectly decent living selling to local customers. A kanpai to their continued success. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this session.

$10 per ticket*

This masterclass will be conducted at Temple Cellars (UE Square, #01-12) and is limited to only 25 slots.

Sake Matsuri 2018 Masterclass Series is held alongside Sake Matsuri Singapore. Get to try over 250 sakes from more than 80 represented Japanese sake breweries right here in Singapore! Tickets are on sale now at $35 (early bird) or $45.

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Sat Sep 29, 2018
2:45 PM - 3:30 PM SGT
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