Zen of Improv - an improv workshop with Brad Daniels


This workshop is aimed at beginner to mid-experienced improv performers who are looking to expand their skills and get a fresh perspective on improvisation.

In improv, performers need to be able to let go of the ego, to be fully in the moment. But they also need to be able to look at the bigger picture of what a scene - or a show - needs at a particular point. Though a series of games and exercises, participants are put in "two minds".

The workshop aims to teach performer techniques to stop trying to win at improv, and start aiming to succeed. Letting go of is why the best players can make improvisation seem effortless. Great improv is not about making connections, it’s about uncovering connections that were already there.

The Boris is also featured as a performance & training game - because a brilliant mind in panic is a beautiful sight.

About Brad Daniels

Brad Daniels started performing improvisation in 1994 and has been working constantly in the field since then.

His roots are strongly in the Keith Johnstone "Loose Moose" school of improvisation, but he has taken on board a large number and variety of influences since he began training with Theatre Sports Queensland. He has studied with teachers such as Sean Tinley (Loose Moose), Patti Styles (Impro Melbourne), Keith Johnstone (Loose Moose), Sounds & Fury (LA), and many others.

In 2018 he directed and performed in two shows for the Anywhere Theatre Festival - “Show of Hands” - an improv variety puppet show, and “A Midsummer Night’s Whatever” a improvised performance of :new works” by William Shakespeare which won a Anywhere Award as one of the best 10 shows in the festival.

In the last 17 years Brad and has appeared in and produced innumerable shows - with Theatresports Queensland, Six of the Best, Sit Down Comedy Club, Impromafia, and his own troupe EDGE Improv.

Brad also had a regular radio spot on 4ZZZ, performing improv on Friday afternoons. Brad loves the challenge of running the workshops.

He has also directed and starred in many improvised productions, including the sold-out and critically acclaimed “Hard Boiled Dick” as part of this year’s Brisbane Theatre Fringe.

Brad began teaching improv in 1998 with Six of the Best, before starting workshops with EDGE Improv in 2001. He has also performed and taught improv across Australia in locations as diverse as the Adelaide Fringe Festival to Bingara in rural NSW.

Acting, singing, directing, roving characters, scripted theatre, stand up comedy, and of course, improvisation... he's done them all.

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Fri Sep 7, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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