Baby Baby KidsMe Weaning Set

For Babies
Baby Baby KidsMe Weaning Set
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Bundle Includes:
- Food Grinder
- Suction Bowl with Ideal temperature spoon
- Multi Function Food scissors
- FOC Toddlers fork and spoon set


Food Grinder:
The kidsme Food Grinder is specially designed to grind fresh food into smaller pieces when preparing food for babies. It aids in food preparation in accordance with your baby’s age and eating abilities. It is an ideal tool for making smooth purees for babies. It can easily grind fruits and cooked vegetables.

Suction Bowl with ideal temperature spoon:
No more slides or spills, the kidsme Suction Bowl with Ideal Temperature Feeding Spoon Set is designed to stay put for your little one during mealtimes. Adults and kids can both focus on discovering food without it going anywhere. The Suction Bowl with Feeding Spoon Set’s secure lid features a locked-in Ideal Temperature Feeding Spoon. It has a color indicator makes it easy to know when food is at a safe temperature. The lid also keeps food sealed in so it’s also perfect for on-the-go.
• Test food temperature with spoon tip
• The colored tip will turn pale if the food temperature is over 40 °C
• Dented part of the bowl make it easier for scooping when feeding

Multi- Function food scissors:
*Best Selling product!*
Multi-function Food Scissors feature stainless steel cutlery-grade blades that allow you to safely, easily and efficiently cut your children’s food into small pieces. Even choking hazards like meat or fruit can be mashed into safe bite-sized pieces. With kidsme Multi-function Food Scissors, you can even turn food into fun shapes.
1. Pick up food with spoon and fork, cut it into small pieces, and then place them into the bowl
2. Crush food with Food Scissors head portion or grind food with the top of the Food Scissors
3. Feed your baby once the food is cut into small particles

Toddler Fork and Spoon Set:
With the kidsme Toddler Fork and Spoon Set children can more actively participate in mealtimes. The uniquely designed, ergonomic handles help children learn how to use eating utensils by themselves. The colorful handles are easy to hold and fun to use.

About kidsme:
kidsme has been established since 2007, they are a diversified baby products company in the markets of age 0-3 infant feeding, oral care products and toys. Their Food Feeder is a scientific and innovated feeding essential that develop to change the babies’ traditional feeding habit into a proactive eating habit and encourage babies to eat more fresh food that beneficial for their development.

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