Features of the Best Free Antivirus


Thinking of getting an antivirus?

While looking for the best free antivirus, there are a few features which one should consider. This article will explain a few of these important and must have features. The first feature is that of easy installation. a good software will ensure that the user will have no difficultly in understanding the software and use it efficiently. This forms a part of efficiency provided by the product. One key feature which all the antivirus software should provide is that of scanning. When the user plugs in an external device, the protection should be enabled and should ask the user to scan the device before using it. This is applicable to the pen drives, external storage devices, etc. while this is the scanning for other devices, the entire computer should be scanned regularly. This means that the software should allow for these scans. Some of them will have scheduled scans in which the user can set a particular time and frequency for it to scan the computer. On the other hand, some of them also allow for demanded scans. This is the feature which can be used to scan the computer when the user feels the need.

Does the software have internet protection?

This is another question which the user will ask, but the best product in the market will definitely have this feature. This is a necessity when the user has access to the internet and will have mails to check. This feature will allow for email and instant messaging scans before being opened by the user. The instant messaging scan is a relatively new concept but nonetheless, is available with the best in the market.

Is protection from malware necessary?

Malware protection is a feature as basic as the virus protection. Today, with the number of hackers increasing and with newer methods of hacking being invented by them, it is very important to have protection against malware. Thus, the best free antivirus in the market will take this aspect into consideration and have this feature on-board. Needless to say, the pop up blockers and the ad blockers are a must have on any antivirus software. Another tip to find a good antivirus is to download the latest version available on the internet. This is because the latest ones will have protection against the latest threats on the internet. The newest will be available in the best antivirus 2014 section.

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This article is written by Lee Wood. He has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by him and clear your doubts on virus removal tool.

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